Tutor Friend

Tell me a truth, I asked
The small baby in mind spoke at last..

Who are those wanting to see you succeed
She replied… ‘They are the ones who make you lead’

Confused to find an answer in disguise..
Made me think how does this mind reply?

Searched for her lines again..
Broke down the words again

They are the ones who make you ‘LEAD’
The phrase thundered with great speed..

Learnt the response.. it referred to some people!
Not so close yet are important to me

Never do they tell me on face, how do they like me alot..
But just wish for my success so push me in lots!

One is my scheduler tracking me day in and out..
Other one questions and says “If you don’t study well, I won’t reply you at any cost”

Both are different but always cares..
Till I promise them a result which turns to be fair!

Love you’ll both for backing me all time..
Reprimanding and guiding me through you’ll are real teachers of mine❤

Credits to my friend CA Saloni Shah

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