Sister Struggles

A mix packet of Love, Mischief, Care, Fights, Tears, Smiles, Strength. There are unlimited ingredients to add. She is like the French Cheese Platter- Go on trying and she will present herself differently each day with a new life flavour. She’s a bucket with plenty of happy water troubles in one’s life:

1. She will never let you be Alone for a second.

2. She can make you taste weirdest dishes with a smile.

3. She becomes your Mom in her absence.

4. She is the startup to the family engine.

5. She irritates you every now and then.

6. She never lets your secrets out.

7. She freezes the clock when you’re short of time.

8. She taunts you well to understand your mistakes.

9. She drives you mad when you aren’t done with ‘home-works’.

10. She chalks the best solution for any problem.

11. She never enjoys her meals without you.

12. She is the cartoon who relieves your stress.

13. She won’t let you need a girlfriend.

14. She cares like nobody else does without ever letting you know.

15. She is the personal bodyguard 24/7.

16. She shares the brohood with you.

17. She bents upon making you jealous that mom dad loves her more.

18. She never lets you sleep without finding the answers to all her questions.

19. She diverts all your sorrows into happiness knowingly.

20. She just can’t wait to surprise you before anybody else does.

21. She loves to live in your heart just to shield it against the hurts.

She is a infact never your shadow but your own soul- you know why? Shadow fades once the sun goes down but sister will never leave your side.

For My Sister Janvi💓

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