And Its Infinite..

A line without a dot. A talk without a clock. A bye always with a why! ‘The End’ nahh not possible. It just goes on and we never figured a reason to stop.

Yes but there’s..of course a start:

It started with a smile which went on for miles…

Tried to find a way always ended up with a heyy.. went on for days and found we’re having our attempts in May..

Landed up in a class always enduring the lectures for hours..

Became the world’s best trio always attacking one in duos..

Roaming in a gift shop turned to be the biggest hop..

Complete opposites in personalities but found that we are the best infinities..

Rare were our outings, but those were the perfect meetings..

A person I never expected to be, she was always standing ahead when somebody disrespected me..

Plenty did we share, a day without a talk started becoming a nightmare..

Life twisted and turned but she smiled through to accept what sorrows I earned..

Makes me laugh sees me cry, whichever phase I show she sits to comfort till my tears dry..

Keeps me calling different names, she’s my bestie with all the fame..

Always scared to lose me though, she accepts me with all my flaws..

Yes her name means ‘to sound’ and I like to hear her all the year round..

Just a sweet smile on my face, its her presence which always keeps me amazed!

Dhwani thats for you!

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