Words of Anand

Disclaimer: This is what we have experienced or observed but You are an upcoming Chartered Accountant so you are expected to think critically and act! So Believe in yourself!

1) It takes time…. Understand that Rome was not built in a day so every subject will take time initially….invest in it because “Once understood and practiced, it becomes a cake walk”.

2) Its not the number of questions you tried that matter, what really matters is the quality of your questions.

3) After every few days….look back and introspect how you have been progressing otherwise last day and you haven’t hit the target.

4) Every subject and every chapter is important yet you cannot do 100% effectively but you can definitely learn all concepts and practice all material ones.

5) Be you , World will adjust you!
You know yourself better than others so do what is best for you keeping important advices in mind.

6) Entire game is on the day before exam
The previous day is the most important one so better start off asap from today.

7) Our exam works on the confidence level.  Even if the paper tries capsizing your boat don’t give up, you can still turn the tables.

8) Last but not the least..
Never believe in trend but yes believe in technical competence. Think you’re already a CA and study with that mindset rather than just gulping down the chunks of theory without understanding a bit.

That’s all
Believe in yourself because if you don’t…nobody else will!

“Dubti hui naav ka kinaara hai tu
Khud he khud ka sahara hai tu..”

Lots of Love and blessings
Take care
Live like a Legend
– Anand Joshi

Thank you so much to my friend Anand for sharing his words of guidance. Tried to produce his ideas not limiting it to myself but yes to the world of Chartereds.

Do follow his page on instagram: melodies_of.life


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