Unnamed Yet to be Famed

A girl, a lady, a female! Why don’t we try understanding what they feel. Does being a man make you a superpower? Is it okay to just neglect their emotions? They are the home-makers but nowadays we fame them as peace-breakers. Just because they ask for some moral support from their husbands or brothers or friends we boys judge them to be feeble.

We men don’t know the trauma of being alone in a secluded home..
We men don’t know the 9 months of a pregnant lady..
We men don’t know the effects of mood-swings that most ladies face..
We men don’t know the extreme pains faced during menstrual cycles..

And instead of holding their hand we push them away from us instructing them to sit like a mannequin at one place and work like a robot for us the whole day. Is it really fair for us to do so?

There are times when you have asked a girl for an outing. If she replies an odd a number of times we boys accept that she is not interested.  Do we really understand why she says a no?  We start assuming but there’s a need to understand things as she may not be comfortable enough to open up herself instantly.

Ladies in their middle ages suffer from deficiencies, hormonal changes, mood swings and loneliness. We are unaware but some ladies still cry sitting in a corner. They become consciously unaware of whats going wrong. A few good words and time is what they require. What we give them is utter neglects.

If and only if we men think a little, pay attention a little, be their helping hand, buy some time for them; they will definitely appreciate. Lavishly spending on costly gifts is not what they want. Just sweet words, caring gestures, warm hugs, blend with a kiss and topped with smiles and admirations served with love is all what a girl wishes.

-Penning down my thoughts as a boy on behalf of every girl who reads it. Thank you!

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