Sugar Darts to Kill Hearts

Holding your fingers walking through the streets, the days I foresee, you will be no more with me.

Waiting for a talk which can go on life long, butterflies circling the moments, tieing us with vows, till we hustle adieu to just even out..

Can’t we stay more I plead to the clock but always does it reply to follow its law..

Sorcerers and wizards please conspire, a story for my love which Cupid admire..

Peter Pan’s Tinker and Frozen Sisters are the only disney pixies who help me inspire..

Hearing them all, dragonflies along, chirping in ears, where my Nightingale mingles..

Punches and smiles which often makes me die,  holding my heart high till you hear my relief sigh..

Disguised in your lovely shades, you lure me with your beauty waves..

A kid that you portray to be, is not always what makes you glee..

Not certain that I know the rest, but I’m assured I know the best..

Hate me as much as you can, My love won’t end till I make you my fan..

Queen of hearts, I’m the King of Blacks Diamond that you’re for me, I can take the Spears for you in my chest!

“I appear to have a tryst with many but I promise you girl they were none I wanted to marry!”

Did I just kill one? 😉

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