Rusted Trades

Scanning down the numbers and hunting for my lucks, I gambled. 20k, 40k, not any arithmetic progression it went on to be a geometric. I longed on, being bullish dumped my 640k in a B-rated security hoping to fetch me a basket of currency. The result turned to be a fortune! I couldn’t imagine the money I made in seconds.

This was a big stroke catalyzing me to make stupendous future results in market trading. What next? I began speculating hard and soon turned the purple notes to pink. The day I wished to become the wolf of wallstreet made me end my dream.

6 months observing the markets boosted my confidence of becoming an ‘Ace Player’. The biggest IPO was on its way. I had an eye to invest. Earning so much in past with minimal losses had already turned me reckless. The red blood in me wished to be oozed as golden just to mint bags of coins. So,  I did.

Held the shares for 3days, 5days,  a week, a month, the graphs were not striking my luck points. The ‘Candlesticks’ didn’t rise with the wax getting collected in the stock charts. My heart galloping and brain punching rhetorical questions to which I had no answers.

I am done was all that I could hear of myself. The earning I made in six months dwindled below the ZERO just to show me negative figures. I had no option but to sell and secure the least to save the overnight cost and commissions. Complete wipe off.

Theres no end just a word to share – “Do it,  don’t be reckless, play with mind not with coins. You can mint golds and silvers but hedge your approach. Don’t make it a fever, or else you may loose the league where you want to stand first. “

Do share your views! πŸ˜‰

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