The Stolen One

Part 1:

The phone vibrates & her ravishing picture adorning my screen:

How’s it honey? 

Petals will shy, tender dimples never lie..😋

Put a mirror for me to confront, your eyes will shimmer like an oceanfront..😍

Cataracts and waves sounding so loud, your tassels are making me spellbound..🤗

Last is the protagonist admiring this smilescape, two soft friends are beautifying my mindscape!❤

Part 2:

Daily chores making me drop her calls 


Sweet Mine where are you? 


Traffics are bad, work drives us mad
Job is on stake, please agree its not my mistake..🤨 

Will call you soon later, requesting you don’t become my hater

Love you lots dear, losing you every second is a fear😨

Part 3:

Flattering her to accept when she’s missing me too much


Its unacceptable to me


Accept it or not,
Am the one whose always yours..😉

Access denied notified on my screen
The 404 error you displayed for me🙄

Troubleshooting is on, my dear
You are hacked but dont fear😎

Travelling some space of time
I see a heart that will accept the speech of mine!😇

Part 4:

When she wants life-spice


Life is so irritating..nothing interesting to do


A walk with you along the seashore
Speaking our hearts out in a corridor..🙃

Date at a cafe ville

Carrying my girl to the malls of bournville..🤫

Let me book the seats for an eve show

We’ll enjoy a candle light with fireworks in a row.. 🤩

Drive you towards a boulangerie 

Feed you with the best of patiseries..😋

Listen to your tantrums the whole day

Never get tired of you anyway.. 🤭

Hold your fingers and look straight in your eyes 

Dance with you till the clock time flys..😘

Part 5:

When she’s feeling too sleepy but waits to see the goodnight tweet

Am feeling too sleepy Love, see you tomorrow (And she’s still waiting patiently)

Goodbye to the girl waiting for friday…

Annyeong after the talk we do everyday…

Ciao before the sun walks to arise…

See you after the moon sets to die…

Sayounara lady its too soon i know…

Adieu is a bid not for unknown… 

Farvel & adeus so difficult to say

Hasta la vista to make me a day!💫

Waiting for some cute Feedbacks. Thank you all! Wishing you all a great Diwali and A Happy New Year!

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