The Subtle Signs

The sticky notes of irony in our life..

Overvaluing things that don’t value and undervalue those that do!

Understanding things that are simply complicated while neglecting the ones of basic sense!

Loving the ones who hate and never giving a chance to the ones who care!

Respecting the fakes while looking down upon the humbles!

Finding a solution for many who never conclude for you any!

Parting with time for meanings that merely matter,  leaving the ones that actually matter!

Gambling on assets just to feed in liabilities!

Punishing an accomplishment for a contingency of enjoyment!

Mailing to all who seem so virtual while forgetting the dears who are so real!

Cementing the gaps of weak and feeble, just to demolish the strong and potents!

A vision wanting the people to follow which the preacher himself not ready to swallow!

Sympathy is all that is searched while empathy is not guaranteed by all!

Wishing for a life that is lavish and grande but lazy to step ahead and become a brand!

Anticipating change in all, without realizing the chain starts with ‘You’ll!

“If you alter the way you perceive the things, the things you want will change.”

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