Fail it but Nail it😎

Those were the efforts, those were the pains, those were the sacrifices,  those were the heartaches, and those were the so called ‘Gem Fragments’ slithering off my palm!

A Hit yet a Miss..
A Perfect Throw yet Rebounced..
A Correct Answer yet Red Crossed..
A True Dream yet turned to Ashes..
A Dead Person living with a Hope!

Failure knocks me thrice and I don’t have an answer to this why? Am broken, am stitched, my heart boiling out the blood to win!

Yet igniting a spark so silent, kudos to these 3 years. Exhibiting the talents I possessed, never will I want to repent. Sailing in this tough whether learnt a thing to never say ‘Weather’.
Can’ts and Mights are replaced, Musts cannot be delayed.

Guardians and Kings will see my spirits
Testimonies will wonder my limits
Verdicts will be challenged soon
When the sun will enrage this moon!

Be ready for more, problems cannot be lured,
Open defeats are here to accept, still bare a smile which nobody can digest!

Approach your flaws bail them with your laws,
You are the Ace don’t dwindle your pace!

Work like an Enemy, stand like a Demon,
Brush up your goals and refill your doze!

Hunt like hounds and tackle them in rounds,
Tighten your fist and punch it hard till your failures no more count!

“Don’t fear to be a dead clock for a while, nobody uses it yet shows correct time twice a day!”

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