For You

Perfect? No.. not at all! She claims of having a number of defects. Rejoicing the moments and capsizing the hourglass, never did I count what I would miss in my life’s flower vase.

An image clicked by the eyes
Words that never spoke a lie..

A smile worth to me so precious
A face that is so glorious..

A voice soothing my ears
Always finding you amongst my peers..

Hope to see you soon down the line
I have only your heart dwelling in mine!

Wait wait adding some more..
Just a few days and you will be gone.

Want to add on many but words are scanty
Yet a line or two which I made just ‘For You’…

The comfort when you’re around
The lips that part to sound

A feeling that always bound
This is what all I found..

A mirror without a glass
A blush without a mask

A love without a condition
A friendship without a permission!

A beauty overlappped in shadows
I cant explain your appeal in meadows..

The compliments real are always hidden
I can hardly sketch you with all that freedom..

Lastly the soul that speaks ‘For You’..

Shinning like Snow White😇

Glowy like Belle😊

Cuteness of Aurora😍

Singing like Arielle😉

Determination of Jasmine🙂

Running like Rapunzel😋

Strength of Pocahontas😎

With sweetness of Cindrella❤💫

But above all here it is:

Mickey once said, ‘Repeating my flaws is not a mistake but my habbit, a habbit only to make my Minnie smile!’

Don’t forget to fill in the feedbacks😉

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