Playing with Words

Dangling down the rues of darkness,
I show you to the blacks of marvels..

Holding your hands I drag along,
Sighting a house to put prolongs..

Shooting down the hearts of scarecrows,
Showcasing you in the yards of meadows..

Throwing out the scents of flytraps,
Attracting the birds to scream their nightmares..

See the mirror it ends too vast,
My love starts till a candle lasts..

Grab on a prey before they pray,
Sun is about to spit its ray..

Wizards are all envying at you,
The witches are gorgeous but not as you..

Cast a spell as sweet as psalm,
Make them sugars salty as sour..

Portions are ready, put them in bowls,
Until the meanders stop the flows..

Put on your hat and order the broom,
Quidich is on lets fly in the room..

Fire the candles light the skulls,
Let the pumpkins shine through the hussels..

Supper at 3 with my date on a tree,
Life is for happiers so smile in glee!

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