House of Lies

How will you feel if someone gifted you a wrapper without a chocolate? Or a chocolate for no reason? My parents have done so since I was born. They had started to author a book of lies 19 years back..

They had lied… having a white collar job and working up with corporates and business tycoons

They had lied… having their food before mine

They had lied…handing over the menu to me saying, we have no favourites to order

They had lied… of being supremely educated for not making us feel inferior in school

They had lied… about earning a six digit income to live a lavish life

They had lied… our housechores were always done by workers

They had lied… about accomplishing their own dreams before mine

They had lied… that they don’t like to dress up

They had lied… never do they cry when they see me fall

They had lied… they were perfectly happy without any hardships in life

They had lied…about sleeping comfortably on the floor instead of the couch

They had lied…we have a home!

They had lied… they dont like cinemas only so as to cut out a cost

They had lied… that they don’t love me at all

They had lied… that their lives were so easy without any sacrifice!

And today I want to lie that my life would be blessed if they didn’t do the above for me!

Please leave a feedback in the comments section below if your parents have ever lied to you!

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