The Unsung Tutor!

Walking leg to leg, though the roads are not fair..
Slogging through the seasons four, yet stirring into all types of affairs..

Am unknown to places where I go..
My Master takes me somehwere I know

Struggling through the stones and tar..
Making my sole rough at heart

The only pride I take is in ‘My Better-Half’
She’s the one who comforts me at last..

Guess who am I?

Yes am the one who promises you your first impression. I am the one who is noticed by all except for his own Master. I am your very own shoes!

Those who are reading me listen carefully, I have a tranquilizer which can motivate you lifelong. Just try understanding this Shoe’s words. It has a meaning deeper than I can convey. Now read the words of my Shoe..

1. On Life:
I say life is burdensome and so are weights. Doesn’t depend on how heavy your situations are, it depends upon how much I can take without any complaints.

2. On Perseverence:
I will keep on biting you till you learn to accept my worth. If you are scared to try new things you cannot enjoy my goodwill!

3. On Patience:
Look at my ripped soles and you will understand what patience really means. The rougher the use the more the patience develops.

4. On Amity:
Make friends with your work or else simply face the friction of the ground and break yourself just to be left abandoned.

5. On Togetherness:
You cannot reach and achieve your aspirations alone in life. Even I require my betterhalf to join along before my owner takes me on a round.

6. On Ego:
Life has given a stage to act. Your place will always be fixed like mine. So respect it, for you know deep down that nobody else can replace you there.

7. On Humbleness:
The worth you carry shouldn’t matter to you for even my expensive friends Nike and Puma are put on the same feet.

8. On Envy:
Don’t cry because you ‘Don’t’ have me. You may look around and find that there are some without legs who ‘Can’t’ have me!

“Accept Life like a pair of shoes! The one forward has no pride and the one behind has no shame.  Both know that their position will change soon.”

So that was a small note which my shoe wished to share with you all. Thank you for reading these silent lines of a shoe.

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The Unsung Tutor

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