The Last Gift

While leaving for home i met you last. The shimmers in your eyes melt my heart. The spark in your smile heated my soul. Who knew this was the last day i ever saw you laugh. The day next awaited with malice. A constant watchful eye! I tremoured with shock in my spine when received the news from my allies….’SHE’ was hospitalized. My heart palpitating louder than a drum..i galloped to the hospital for my ‘moon’.

‘A pain in her chest and a hole in her heart. She will survive no more,’ the nurse said. The words stabbed my heart. ‘My Juliet going to live no more’. The thought causing atrocious pain! Started pleading to God but no help came by.
No transplants available..! I cant let her life pass by! Went to the doctor with heavy steps and offered if my heart could replace hers. This decision went in the affirmative.
I took my last breath for my loved one. Kept on imagining about her long curls; with whom the winds loved to play..her face set in front of my eyes till i closed them for hers..
‘My heart transferred to my love’.
She widened her eyes to gaze at her Aquarious morning. Still lying in bed insisted her friends for me. No reply from them. She forced her parents answer..only tears of painful water. She could feel something in herself. A sound much alike to what she had heard whenever she enveloped me with her arms.
A shock! She could hear my hearbeats in herself. Delicate tears, a serene silence, words not enough..expressions undervalued to emotions..!
3 years passed she is still surviving with a hope of her friend who was not a friend too much more than that..People still remember me and say..’He was the boy who gave his heart as the last gift to his sweetheart!’

19 thoughts on “The Last Gift”

  1. Nice one Uday. Very emotional and heart touching. Really want to compliment you for the framing of words which were apt to express the true emotions. Keep up the good work man. Cheers🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍☺


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