Snippets 2


To Only Mine❤,

Girlfriend, am sorry I didn’t write for you..I love you first and so I will love you last. I know you wanted me to write something. So here you go..

Balancing my words, I keep them short
Dappling through time, you dazzled and shone!

For you, I can melt a thousand thesis
As the dictionary I search has some missing pieces!

Travelling with you is a bucket list dream
Chatting with you is fixed deposit for me!

I don’t trust my luck for it doesn’t belong my destiny
The fortune you create is the best for me!

I love you loads I don’t know why
May you trust the words for they are mine!

I wish to see you happy lifelong
The frowns you create I will capture thereon!

Shedding tears of happiness will not be of help
For I will be standing down carrying the bucket in my hand!

So thats all I can just think of
May I just see you smile..

I love you my love for long and long
Until this heart beats and sings non-stop

Virtual hugs and kisses to you..
From yours and only yours,


Dreams are there..
Destinies are fair

Walk along the coast..
You will reach your post

Hard times are beating..
But don’t keep in engaging

Focus with your headlights on..
You are a rider going long

You are about to cross the mark..
Just have patience for your marks

Believe yourself for you’re the goal..
Millions will be inspired because of your role

Your parents are there to assure you victory..
Till your name is cherished in everyone’s history!


Accept it or not
Am the one whose not yours..

Access denied notified on my screen
The 404 error you displayed it to me..

Troubleshooting is on, my dear
You are hacked but don’t fear..

I am sure you will accept me before I bow
After reading for what I call you now..

Travelling into some space of time
I see a heart that wont ignore this speech of mine!


Clock is ticking
Watches are strucking😋

Stars are twinkling
Moon is winking😉

Gold is sparkling
My girl is smiling😁

Firflies are lighting
Owls are hooting🙂

Thoughts are whirling
Sounds are echoing😎

Heart is beating
Souls are enlightening😇

Skies are darkening
Days are dying😌

You are shining
Gods are imagining🤔

I am gazing
For my girl is blushing!😊


You failed but its not your failure. Your failure defined you thats what you are thinking. But thats not all. Just an exam defined you? Just a small piece of paper determined your life? Just a pair of wrong answers portrayed your intelligence? Thats what you think. You are false in totality.

The most fascinating designs went through dreadful failures.
The most beautiful ideas got no importance.
The world’s best architectural sites went unnoticed.
The eyecatchy landscapes were never appreciated.
The talented brains were often dumped in a paper named ‘Result’.
These brains were failed brains just because there was no one to excavate them.
There was no one to spectate them. This doesn’t mean its useless!

“Time, Patience and Hopes are a bunch of combinations which can lead you to the correct destination!”

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