The Specific!
Trace your path, follow your heart..
Slay your thoughts, flee the struggles..
Conquer your soul, strive to excel..
World is small, never question your foes..
They know the best so neglect the rest.. 
Beauty is in your name and you’re sweet anyway..
Don’t ruin your emotions, express them as passions..
Life is a jar don’t tighten it with bars.. 
Tune up your Boats let the Melodies be low..
Write up your history you will find a mystery..
The dreams are more don’t spend them in short..
Freeze the Jacks and be the Queen.. 
Kings will be present but only the Ace will matter!
Chocolates- Not a Breakfast Anymore
Belgium Waffles and Oreo Shakes..
Dip me in the darkest of lakes
Floating in the Choco mud..
Red Velvet was much more fun
Curse me if I die in the Death of Chocolate..
But dear, sure will I bring you Thunderbolt Latte
Kitkat Donuts is what you should like..
Dark fantasies love the way you shine
Brownies and Pancakes adore you much..
Part your lips to have a sugary munch
I need to stop and the menu is short..
For the things you wish will always be hot! 
Daily Dose!
Today’s the day, last it long
Burn the emotions, ignite the passion
Put down your thoughts, heat up your soul
Dig out your past, search for the tasks
Forget the future, destroy the failures
Boat is right in front, cling on it once
Hold on your ore, push them backwards
River is narrow, but ocean is wide
Gales are on its way, still risk yourself for the hurricanes
Don’t fear the storms, someone’s waiting at the shore
So be up, stay up, do up because the person at the shore is the opportunity at its core!
Word Beats!
Sweets and chocolates beware..
The gourmet you try to conquer is aware
Cute as husky though she looks..
Is a sweetheart when it comes to looks
Favorite enemy serves her right..
So does she starts with a fight
Quarreling and correcting is the one she likes..
Still is the one whom I can’t dislike
From head to toe I stalk her everytime..
Feels so good that I know her since great times
Wish from a buddy whose never your ally..
But still respects you as the one that stands-by
You dominated us from times you know..
Yet we always pulled down your toe
Sorry Madame we didn’t talk any recent..
But I promise to make your eve a pleasant 
Wishing you a birthday with cakes I present..
May your heart capture a million of presents!
Why So Soon!
Time was less, I had to part..
Though not from heart but still from this divine art
Closing your eyes, think for a while..
The stars will move and roads will pass
Caress your hair, strike your flicks..
Feel the air and forget the reveries
Wink at once the waves will still..
Gesture at once and a heart is killed
The magic you wish is sure to generate..
For the mystiques you have is not the terminate
Night is drooling, wizards are roaming..
The spells they chant could cause you harm
I give them a warning to just trespass..
For if they hurt you its their last chance!
Fall asleep beauty, someones awake..
To see you doze before switching off his phone.

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