End To Start!

Heart throbbing, eyes pouring, tongue drying! The end.

Those sparkles shone bright
Those smile killed me right..
Those hands hugged me tight
Those breaths whispered a bite..

The day was last, moments were cast
Hours were fast, seconds were blast
She ran fast, when i saw her car blast

Her tongue dried before I ask,
The bruises hid her beauty mask,
The reactors had broken the complete flask!

Eyes were shutout, lips were patched-out
She had burnout, but nobody to help-out
Her fingers pointed out, card doors widened-out
I couldn’t holdout, till the eye drops last-out

Pointing out the gateways, sliding down the pathways
Trudging his body midways, the child showed himself hardways

Running to pick up, his body had freezed up
Noways to walk up, the hospital was far up
My love gazed up, asked me to back up
Give me up, hurry up and get the child up..

My courage was fading..
Her pupils were closing..
Her heart was sinking..
And her last wish was remaining!

Carried the child, her wish to abide
Nowhere to side, just rushed a ride.

Holding him in my arms
Who had been begging for alms
Her mind rung the alarms
Honking with her palms..

Concluded with a collusion
Car wheels twisted in confusion
Brakes were no longer in fusion

A sin on my birthday
I couldn’t save her last day
Devils were having a game day
Feast on my tragic day

Flashback about to end
Don’t feel offend
The love I had eyed
Surely made me find!

Rescued from the kill
Somebody did come to heal
A wagon on its wheel
Did take us to the Northeast hill.

The boy opened his eyes..
He was better and nice..
Cured and fed with rice..
No need for other device.

My love embraced me to cry
She knew there was no time to sigh
I will stay and never die
She spoke this with a lie!

Lips widened to speak
There was no way i could seek

A kiss on her temple
Gestures were in ample

She didn’t even feel my caress
The girl whom I address
Is no longer going to harass!

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