A Transparent Truth

A trend, a superstition, an unworthy thought, a bias! Weak, coward, inferior and what not have turned out to be a synonym for some females. Why often do we forget the pain a mother takes to carry you for all those months? Why often do we reject a female employee for her deserving position? Why often do we turn down the views and the insights your female friends puts in? Why so often!

Its a dogmas which the people are trodding upon. Pricking her finger with needles, tanning herself in the kitchen, bruising her hands while chopping, turning her palms into rough rods working day in and out. Is this really what a woman deserves?

A mother’s care is the best healing therapy,
A sister’s prayer is the best supportive hand,
A wife’s faith is the best super strength,
A daughter’s love is the best life moment!

Yet we turn our backs towards these and all their ‘best’ remain secluded in an airtight jar of miseries. Nobody to praise their work, nobody to adore their strivings, nobody to resolve their difficulties.. Just nobody!

How often do we quarrel with our sister?
How often do we hate our mother?
How often do we overrule our wife?
How often do we negotiate with our daughter?
How often!

Revive, heal, inspire, motivate, encourage. But words won’t suffice here. Its our actions which are to be altered. Play a small role in a girl’s life and you will find some are a bundle of books with unknown miseries hiding deep inside from the entire world; if you try to eliminate even a single, you won’t understand the pains she disguises with a smile!

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