Hacker’s Proposal

Embarking on a journey with me
Wishing to conquer the sparks in me..

USBs are booting, hard drives are loading
Mains are on and Windows are operating..

Intel I order you to Run
For my girl wants a unique fun..

Keyboard and mouse please go side by side 
For am eager to capture this beauty in the Webcam of mine..

Softwares and Hardwares beware
The girl you’re trying to spectate is aware..

Ports are open, copies are scanned
Memory is limited but no far deleted..

Testing your virus in a virtual desktop
Why I often find you without a laptop..

Traced your IP from the link I shared
Never did you recognize what Mails I hacked..

WiFi is connected and your IOT is noted
Still you Tally if your IDEAs are audited..

Norton is ready, Avast is notifying
Waiting for Microsoft to start modifying..

Speakers are bursting, iTunes are playing
Trigger your firewall, Chrome is troubleshooting..

Don’t sing me to Sleep so soon
My Screens are Burning waiting to see his moon..

Personalize my themes with the Paints you want
Photoshops are good if you be patient for long..

HP and Dell don’t waste your time
I have already raided the secrets of her life..

Sorry to hack your CPU before it gets formatted
Because this hacker never allows your heart to be intruded..

Calculate the love I have for you
Unless I say the error detected is you!

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