A Story Unheard

No flowery language, no vocab and just no new words…hope you’ll like it though!

We all have that one hero in our life who inspires, encourages, motivates and just gives a push in our life.
Here I would like to share a short story about the strongest man whose simple story has become a life changing one for me. I know your first thought would be of a muscular man with a well-toned body but thats not what I mean by the term ‘strongest’.
This strong man born in 1974 who had an indigent childhood in one of the villages of Gujarat. Going to school, walking back home, accompanying his dad to work, coming home and off to sleep. This was his daily routine. Not being interested in studies after 12th, he left his degree midway.
So now what next? He gave up his education, had no job, had to support his parents financially! He kept on wandering around like a vagabond for a few days thinking what to do. Tried his hands at few places but failed.

So he came to the city with his brother in law to try his luck. He ultimately found a job at a merchant’s shop and started earning just enough to have a 2 times meal. Those days he was paid only 10-20 rupees for working a day!

Now the actual story begins..
This man got married by 24 on the urge of his family members. But having no home of his own and earning just enough to satisfy his 2 meals how should he support his wife?
Somehow he got residence at his Uncle’s place but the worst nightmare was not too long. After 2 years his Uncle ordered him to leave the house. Again he passed out few days begging people for a stay for some days till he finds a rental house.
Luckily he found a house. It was a small kitchen size room with a storey above.
He started burning the midnight oil to earn enough to buy a house. Somehow he started his own business and began to get more people to work with him. The small room had soon turned into a mini factory with 7 people working in that. Yes 7 people working in that tiny place.
Now the next suffering starts but with a good news. His wife carried a child. Months passed and the date of delivery neared and she gave birth to a son.
Time for celebrations for baby boy.
But wait do you remember the tiny rental kitchen room with 7 people working?
Hats off to his wife who adjusted herself so much. For about 5 years they had dwelled at the same place. Most of the daytime his wife sat outside doing home chores and helping her husband. The cooking range was set up in one corner of the room. And the child’s cradle used to be near the window pane. What a life for that poor woman!
Now lets take in the next pudding of sufferings dipped in vanilla cream.
The strong man had started doing well enough. He soon bought a new house for his family with his patience, perseverence and hardwork. Here he gets another news of the second child. The situation was similar except for that the lady now suffered from jaundice and this time either mother or child. 80% the victim being the mother. The jaundice wasn’t getting cured. The man kept his patience and had his faith in God intact. And God did favour him at last. Again both saved! Though the baby girl this time was a little weak and had to be kept in incubator. Nonetheless it ended well.
So now you must be thinking its about to end but am sorry this man has to suffer much more than you think..
Financially the man started doing too well. He bought an office for himself. His children started going to school. His wife started her own business of selling bedsheets and dress material to add on to household income. Everything was going well.
One day he comes home and announces that he has successfully purchased a new home but has taken up a loan of 15 lakhs which he was confident enough to repay.
The turning point sets. The man who seemed to face so many sufferings till now with a smile is attacked by diabetes and the sugar levels crossing 3 times the normal range. Admitted to the hospital for a month. Business off and loan to be repaid. No support from relatives.
So the wife took charge. She knew she had no option but to learn her husband’s business anyhow. She did it. Though she couldn’t master it but kept it going.
Soon the man was back to routine but he couldn’t shoulder the stress because of his fluctuating sugar levels. However his will power mentored him to work. Soon his loans were repaid and everything settled.
They shifted to new house and yes their financial status was improving.
But again some new suffering. The son wakes up at night and rushes to his parents yelling out ‘my stomach is paining’. The painkillers didnt work. The MRIs claimed that the boy requires his liver to be operated. Parents were shocked to hear this. The wife broke out. The man in his hidden tears comforted his wife and told the doctor to go ahead. The operation was successful.
Further 2 years passed and the boy was operated again for nasal discomfort. He was not able to breath. Fortunately he was relieved from this discomfort.
Can you imagine of some more sufferings?
This one comes to his wife. She had her ankle bones increasing in size. She couldn’t walk properly and even now she sometimes limps while walking. Unfortunately the problem is not solved yet.
Now its time for the last suffering which I want to mention about this brave man. He has already had a meeting with death and has come back again. He has suffered high sugar levels been to coma and with less chances of being back, has returned safely!
What more should you hear the story of this man. Inspite of all these sufferings, he is still being noted as a business tycoon.
His cool headedness and the billionaire smile which he bears always on his face never reveals about his rags to riches and the depths of his life sufferings!
What more can a feeble man like him suffer which even the strongs can’t!

A short one for you DAD❀
He would be glad to know your feedback…

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