Desires- The Spark Within

‘Desires’ -The thing which never dies! The endless list of our requisites gears us only to one road that is the path of desires. People often try to shrink their desires after acquainting initial few failures and eventually give up. Once extinguished, it becomes difficult to rekindle the same desire.
Desire is a drive. It is a vision. A motive. Cling to it like a creeper and keep growing. Desire is a dream; a virtual present that architects the future tomorrow.
You will experience various phases of life;
Some may push you down your knees..
Some may knock you down with words..
Some may tear your soul with hurts..
Some may occupy your mind with thoughts..
Some may throw flames of anger at you..
Some may demagnetize the bonds you have..
Some may divulge as enemies to you..
Some may break your heart and just leave.
What will you do then? How will you dodge them? There are no two opinions to this. You have to struggle through them. But how…? You need energy, a force to be patient. A desire to get through them. A desire to walk through with a smile. A desire to fuel a new spirit to fight. A desire to achieve something. A desire to rank yourself in the list of survivors.
Get up and dream something big enough. Have a motive to live. Life is short and time is moving. Define your desires. They are like butterflies. Beautiful to look at but difficult to catch. Direct your life, direct your aspirations, be the entrepreneur. Complete and achieve your desires for a good reason. Leave your footprints on the sand of time for others to inspire. Give a spark of desire and you will see flaming up of tremendous innovations.
‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down the path.’
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