A Quote Room

A mini scroll of inspiration you might wish to imbibe….

1. You want to do something, you’ve promised you will and you can.

2. Don’t waste time, instead make it the deadliest weapon of yours.

3. Dont give up so fast. You never know you were just close by.

4. Achieve so much in life that you don’t need to take examples of others.

5. Don’t have a bonding so strong with someone, that you can’t break through it.

6. Life is a match without wickets. Just step forward and hit the ball. You never know what opportunities it brings.

7. Failures- The most painful medicine that creates the strongest man.

8. Avoid what others say and think. You are you not what others want you to be.

9. Stress down if someone is not with you today. You deserve something better to come.

10. The more bitter it is today, the best of best will be the next day.

11. The farthest route will be achieved only through the sacrifices I make today.

12. Right people will surely find you one day and gift you all those opportunities which you craved for. Be patient.

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