Simple Yet Complicated

‘Life’ a four letter simple word with the most dilemmatic meaning! Events, circumstances, instances, success, failures, emotions, perspectives are some of the elements that keep on moulding it. Its just the frame of mind and reasoning which draws out so many conclusions about life though none of them are the ultimates.

The meaning of life is you. How you define; its upto you. We humans have pre-constructed these walls of dogmas about the meaning of life. And these dogmas only justify life to be fateful, turbulent, unjust, demanding. In fact all the negatives bundle up and ruin the optimistic approach towards life. Life is not the source and destination, its a journey.

I have had only handsome of experiences about life but whatever I had are worth portraying as the life turners.

1. Plan for your ownself before somebody else plans for you.

This I learned in my schooldays. Being the honest one, always completing my homeworks, being the polished one, and never being able to say a ‘NO’ to anyone. Mom always taught me to be honest at work. But i never understood the meaning of being honest. And often paid for my honesty. 
Undue advantage taken of me. I always surrendered to my colleagues for I had an inferiority complex. The result was I always lagged behind and they scored ranks.

2. Being left alone is not always losing the game.
Its always the beginning of a new one.

Being left alone always, I used to curse myself everytime. I belonged to the category of people who could be easily scared off with a few words. I felt as if I always lacked support. But it wasn’t true. Though my superstition went on for few years it was finally cured when I started to understand my own inner self. The strength which I possessed hidden in me! The day I learnt this I got the message from life that being alone was not always losing. Its just making you stronger.

3. Follow the syllogistic approach. It often finds you the best way out. 

Life keeps on bestowing various options. I was really a perplexed person. Didn’t know where to approach next. I always got to choose between two options and I could choose neither one. Conclusion was, I lent up with the one for which I always repented later on. Don’t make that mistake. Keep your mind calm and think times before making choices.

4. Opportunities are in abundance. Take the stance and go for the home run.

A cricket pitch where there are no bails to be blown off.. just the bowler throwing out the opportunities one after the other and the  striker hitting them like a free hit. Life is a similar game without any wickets. Even if someone tries to take you off, they can’t, until you yourself give up. 
So lets keep playing the game. What will happen if you miss first ball? Wait for the second one. What if you miss second? Wait for third..just keep your focus. You still miss the third, fourth and fifth. But now you have completely understood the game.
The bowler bowls the sixth one. You take your stance.. you go ahead and hit and guess what its a boundary. 
Whatever you had lost uptil now you will recover in that one single shot. Even here you shouldn’t stop… play on, hit long and enjoy the journey of life.

‘Miles to travel. So travel like a vagabond. Be free be independent because you have nothing to lose but only to gain!’

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


9 thoughts on “Simple Yet Complicated”

  1. By reading this blog, any person can regain his lost confidence and also be well motivated.. Very well written uday! ��❤️��


  2. I am thankful for all the precious comments. Your feedback motivates me to put in more efforts everytime to come up with something new for you'll.


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