The Millions In One

Pressures, struggles, confusions, heartbreaks, remorse and what not can be added to this simple looking complex life dictionary. Some or the other day you may face critical issues. Some may break you. Some may spite you. Some may make you feel a piece of trash having no value. Some may ruin your confidence altogether. Blood, toil, tears and sweat is all that the universe offers. These predators are often bent upon savaging our lives, ravaging it to the core creating such havocs which paralyzes the mind and disintegrates the spirits of our soul making it difficult for them to rise again.

The path will be weird and there will be crosswalks. You might loose on everything which once you were famed to possess. They carried a worth which for you were billions. Cry a little for the billions you lost, die a little for the heart you tossed, crave a little for all that has cost.

But not all storms come to disrupt your life. There are some which come to clear your path. There are others which showcase your goals. You may not often realize how strong you become after experiencing these whirlpools and typhoons. They rejuvenate a new energy. An energy which only these catastrophes can build into you.

Get up, walk again, fall again, thrive again. A person who never failed has never tried anything new. Make hay for this opportunity. Dont drain your warm energy to foster those ends which will never meet. Give it up and move on. Relax, calm, focus and be patient towards the achievements you wish to claim. The grandeur you wait for is sure to be for the ones who strive. Be logical at times. Take a dip to the Renaissance era. Remember the greatest inventions were based on failures and greatest ones had life grounded with rejections. Find something new in you. A talent which only you possess. Dive into the things you love to do. Its sure to create a wonder which is just a trick you played but seems a magic to others.

Learn from the experiences, it is the grandmaster of everything!

Where no obstacles can limit the water flow,

Where no tree can obstruct the winds to blow,
Where no failure can stop a desire to develop,
Where no word can destroy a soul.
Where no person can stir your aims,
Where nobody can break your heart,
And where no gain can be made without a pain.

This is our fight song, make it your life song so that one day people revere you as the “Man who was made of a million sufferings.”

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