A Chronicle Delight

The lips parting to chant the psalms and tongue caroling the divine melodies, the beatific gush of air transformed my petite steps into strides. The skies baptized in the holy waters and serenity of winds ascending the spirituality of my soul. I could envision the carving of the seraphic smile on his marbled face. A smile which could rejuvenate the pains of millions. My heart creating constant wavelengths with accelerating frequencies of ecstasy.

The doors of his castle were open wide
I walked through his chambers to find the hidden guides
The treasures of mythologies I wanted to unveil
For they had the magics difficult to create
Standing there towering with grandeur
He was the one who called me to adore
I chanted him some rhymes
It gave me good vibes
I continued to look in his eyes
Till they tried to meet mine
He asked me to trust
Until the gold rusts
The mirage I felt
It took away my breath
He was breathing in air and calling my name
“Son”, he said lets play a game

He passed through a wall and vanished himself.
I called out to him ‘Where are you gone’?
He echoed at me ‘Find me if you can
I searched hard but could not
For he was the master of disguise
Running haphazard I fumbled over a stone
Hitting the ground I thought on my own
My parents did say that he resides in everyones soul
Than why don’t you find in the the ones you own
The clue I got I tried to solve
Why shouldn’t he dwell in my parents soul?
Lets search for my parents instead of him
For he was hiding within the theme
Acknowledging my thought he appeared again
Asked me for a wish for I had won his game
I asked him to parcel me some happiness
For I wished to carry them back to my parents
He smiled back and gave me a box
I took it home and found a key

Perplexed to see such a gift!
What I asked I never received
I threw the key out of the window for it was of no use to me;
There where my parents were struggling to unbox
Found the key to unlock the box
Struggling since morning to find the key of comfort
Maybe this time they would succeed their effort

What could be so important
It went on to make me impatient
Ran down to watch for them
Found that these were the memories they had treasured

One heart conjoined to other
Yes they were the my parents connected together
And there was a third heart in centre with a memoir of my childhood
This was what they had wrapped for me
The box that had the pendent for me
And this was the thing that brought grace to me.

His key of happiness was difficult to understand
I had no knowledge to comprehend
The games he plays
The puzzles he creates
The difficult times he gives
The lessons he teaches,
All starts with what everytime pinches
And ends with what everytime amuses

I don’t know who am I to him.
I don’t know what I mean to him.
All I know is whenever I think of him, all my love goes to him.


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