The Life Catalysts

You always have a ‘KEY SOMEONE’ who plays the role of the mentor in your life. These are the ones who have left their footprints on the sands of time for you to follow. Perhaps a 1 in 100 will be sufficient to say; who has nobody to follow. The gales of our life seems easy to sail through when we see the life of our mentors who have struggled the same way. These great stories guides us to escape the labyrinth of life. Even I have compiled a Gospel of such stories from..
My Patient Dad, Nimesh:

1. Patience is the best antidote for all problems.

2. Innovation can give life to a dead business. Its the toughest thing which requires the least efforts.

3. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

My Tough Sister, Nikita:

4. Striving is a diffuser. It can diffuse the deadliest misfortunes.

5. Failing at times is not a downfall. Its an opportunity to build things stronger than before.

6. Hurdles are the steps of ladder. Leap over them and you will find people looking up at you.

My Genius Brother, Nilay:

7. The right choice is not what you choose to do. Right choice is the one which you love to do.

8. Talent is the thing which your mind owns. Nurture it well and it will create wonders for you.

9. Work hard yet be smart. Only workaholism never works to derive the best of your life.

My Philomath Sister, Nirali:

10. Keep learning from people and experiences. Doesn’t matter if its not a part of your syllabus.

11. The stream cuts the rock not because of its strength but its persistence.

My Angel Sister, Nishka:

12. Love to do things unconditionally. Inferiority and superiority is just a game of mind.

13. Possess the brain of an infant while playing a game. You will enjoy the most.

14. Laugh at your mistakes but always learn from them.

15. Have the courage to do new things which you have never tried before. You never know how it may surprise you.

These ones with ‘Ni’ have always made my life path seem easier to promenade. Still have a lot of things to imbibe! I consider them my role models. Imitating these epitomes and following their principles is an exceptional task.

‘Today will be my efforts to perfect myself like them; tomorrow will be somebody else’s efforts to perfect themselves like me.’

These were just a handsome of lines which I have penned down. Anticipating that the quotes serve as a source of motivation for you’ll.

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