Why Always….??

I paused to gaze as the clock struck 12. The cool breeze carried in them the faint jingles of the church bells. Minutes counting the seconds and my heart suffering from euphoria. I was ardently waiting in the veranda to have a glimpse of my angel. The avid eyes fixed on the colossal room.

The dark mystical sky adorned with the twinkles of golden bars and the moon setting the spotlight for the beauty to divulge. Everything set for the girl to ravish the night.

The midnight shadow lengthened. Her innocent almond eyes scanned the room with determination in search of someone when her eyes met mine, she smiled. The serenity of the air was creating a magic. Winds moaning and cutting the emerald ivy which wrapped the pillars of her room.

A face that harboured thousands of emotions and hundreds of gestures had just a fine lining of blush. Her brows having a simple delight. The gorgeous robes mentioning her divine presence. Every outfit loved to embrace her body, as she made it look more beautiful. So was her charm.

The tender fingers holding the white velvet gown, her heels steadily edged its way towards me. The clicking of her footwear typed out notes of musical rhythm. Her mesmerizing eyes were the window to her soul. Only a yard away from me but I could sensitize her heart palpitating like a muffled drum.

The Cupid had played his mischief of shooting the love darts. Zeus roaring his thunder’s symphony, she leapt in my arms. The wisdom of Athena and beautiful incarnate of Aphrodite. Her life wasn’t a fairytale but she was surely a Princess of mine.

Few drops of pristine water rolling down her cheek was all she could convey. My ears feeling the chills of her cold breath and her semi-blonde tassels cascading over my shoulders. Her feet raised and her arms curled up around my neck. Her soft crepe-pink lips parted to call my name. The burning passion in her eyes asking me to take her away, just far away.

Bending down my knees, holding her hand, I ventured on to say the three words that would make her mine forever. But my words fumbled and my speech reluctant to address her. The ring in my hand yet the courage suppressed. The last chance I had to make her the diamond of my life. I spoke up, but what will she reply? Horses galloping and butterflies fluttering. The lightning flashing and rains pouring. Moon was silent and stars hiding themselves behind the white cushions. The beetles had stopped their play and fireflies entangling around us just to hear what she would say.

‘Never does a gladiator fight so eagerly to win the war as much as me fighting to conquer her heart.’

Sorry but I can’t complete the Homer’s Iliad for the reply from this dreamgirl is pending. I must say, ‘These fairies approach in our dreams but always fades away before we try to win’. And these dreams are often spoilt by a mug of cold water splashed on your face or a loud scream from our parents to wake up for the day.

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