My Cricket Team

Cricket is my life game. The pitch is what I pray. On this pitch I have gone through my best and the worst. Stress, pressure, fun, anxiety, winnings, failures everything this pitch has given me. Success tastes sweet when you win but bitter when you lose. The audience leaves, the lights go off, the title of the ‘Man of the match is stripped down, the shinning trophy goes to the opposition and what not. But one thing remains constant. That is what I call my cricket team. Ups and downs don’t ever shake their confidence in me. They always be with me. Each one possess a different taste from the other but that is what is required to prepare my life dish. Lets meet these players..

1. The All Rounder
My Taurus. This ‘OCEAN’ can storm out all the oppositions in a go. The one who’ll never let me fumble on this life pitch. The longest partnership I had with. If you dare to sweep me off be ready to face your worst times.

2. The Mentor
The Coach is on the way. Be ready and keep shut. If you speak out of order you’ll be fired with a reply. A coconut who is tough from outside but sweetest inside. Quarreling with me is a job yet you are the ‘FAVOURITE’ one for me.

3. The Adventurist
The lucky 9s. You call me boring I call you confused. The intelligent and artistic one. Probably the only one whom I call with 5 ‘A’s. Never saying never for anything. This ‘CHOCO PIE’ always quarrels with me, yet never going to let you go home alone!

4. The Sparkle
We share the special ‘U’. My most loved companion. The thrilling night walks and the perfect candids. Short time spent yet consider you my special one. Only one thing to convey ‘Please stay here..don’t force me to bid you farewell.’

5. The Crazy one
The one born with a ‘DYNAMIC’ personality. None of my secrets have remained hidden from you. The 5g connectivity and the filming of movies always on the go. Unfortunate this one suffers from Euphoria because of BTS music band.

6. The Intellectual
I am his golden friend. The ‘GUITAR’ artist. Born with a logical and talented mind, this brainy introvert seeks happiness in being alone.

7. The Perfectionist
The perfect one so entitled by me. The sugary nature makes the audience love this person. Sweet as a ‘CRACKLE’ but never try to instinct, for the crackle can tackle and blast like a cracker.

8. The Comedian
The Heath Ledger of my team. Always ready to create ‘HUMOR’ in any situation. But when time comes never agitates to make fun of his ownself.

9. The Poet
In the process of becoming a renowned Shaayar who firmly believes that nobody is off duty on ‘SUNDAYS’.

10. The Nocturnal one
‘NIGHT TALKS’ is a usual duty when we are together. Gossiping with this one is quite an easy task. Though short tempered yet sweet.

11. The 1-10 one
Yes thats me. The last one. So thats all about my cricket team.

My message was not introducing to my team. It was about friendship. Friends are the ones who add flavors to your life. What will you choose if given a choice between a plain strawberry or Vanilla with peanut butter cookie swirl and Oreos dipped in Nutella and fivestar toppings? I leave it upto you!

Yes there have been conflicts amongst us too but without quarrels there cannot be strong bondings.

I take pride in saying that this is MY cricket team. I deny to auction them for any price. These are the pearls I possess.

‘The captain himself is nothing without his team and so am I nothing without you’ll.’

Please do share your views on the blog itself.

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