A Goodnight Tweet

I embarked on to write thesis for you but I feel I’ll end in lines.
I am unable to unearth the shining treasures of write-ups for you for the writer within me is too slothful to ruminate. But don’t wince at it for I am sure to accord you something unimaginable.

My blissful Capricorn is voyaging towards the new life journey. The golden age is before you not behind you. For me, sweetheart you can never be old! For as you were, when your first eye I eyed such seems your beauty still.

Few nights and you will leave me. Oh..the thought of rifting away darts my heart with venom of remorse.

These mutinous nights of life always put bars between the owners and their rights. But lets leap over them and explore each second of felicity.

I feel I am draining you out in such beautiful darkness with what am writing. So lets cheer you up with the original ‘ME’:

Walk the shores to listen the shells..voices will echo and sounds will dwell..

Feel the breeze tapping your cheeks..listen to the melodies the seas want to sing..

Dance on the rhythm & follow the waves..talk to the tortoise to acknowledge his tales..

Trod the sands to mark your prints..enjoy the sunset painting the welkins..

Walk the night sky glittering the stars..make a wish from the shooting bars..

Turn down your fears about your nears..and wait until your prince propose you with chocolate smears!!

Okay so this is all what I could think of.
You know my naughty mind is lacking an epithet good enough to ornament your name, for the permutations of alphabets are too scanty to chronicle you in words. But I can assure you one thing this night..

The sun may forget to rise
Heavens may forget to smile
Clouds may forget to burst
Seeds may forget to reap
Rains may forget to fall
Weather may forget to change
King may forget to keep his word
But am not going to forget you so soon this night!

Concluding myself with the last of lines. I don’t wish to end but I will have to. Here you go:

From the ancient dusty bags of ores
May you steal coins of gold..

Till you succeed the hards of life
& become the Master of your life..

Don’t undervalue the power of hardworks
Because the brainys don’t even complete their homeworks..

Sink the dreams to the crust of your heart
And you’ll find me walking with you ramparts..

Let me make your day too soon today
Because its my loved ones day today!

Sorry but I can’t stop adding more flavors to my work

Sailing the waves… striking the torpedoes…
Sink in the bottom of the ocean to have a meet with mermaids…
The shoal blowing the trumpets and seahorses singing the chores…
Forget yourself in the gales of memories…
Wait for the swam to sing u melodies…
Until the person you like pays you a visit and tracks your heart in the mystery of his tyrannies!!

And wait wait the final goodnight tweet is remaining..

Demons and devils beware
The beauty you try to conquer is aware

The angels are soaring with bows and arrows
So dare not to spy at her with Cupid’s sparrows

Capture not her heart
For its locked in my arts

Don’t encroach the path, you may not find
For the path I create, is undefined

Dreaming of the lady luck I go to sleep
So shall you troll to bed to paint out your dreams!

So let this night be conquered by immortal angels and convey you the beauties of this mortal world to whirl your dreams with unaquirable pleasures and make your soul radiate with the bliss of the heavens!

And I wish the smile which might be there on your face light up more than the fire of any firefly.
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