Can’t Say More!

I felt a thump in my heart in the midst of a smoky dawn. The winds cutting the verdant lawns and giving a knock on my doors. I, struggling with my blanket opened my dreary eyes. Sauntering to the rusty grills, opened the small doors. A light shining brighter than any ‘Pole Star’ urged me outside. Traversing the junction I reached the spot of shining light. As I neared I saw a figure shimmering in white having long curls sliding down her shoulder. I could sensitize something.

Something very common, very natural, very heart felt the presence of my mother! She turned towards me. I saw the face which every child wishes to see in the morning. The face that brings a smile and the touch of love in our life.

The person without whom I can’t live a second, without whom I can’t gulp down a morsel , without whom I am just a mould of stone and nothing more than that.

She is the one who sings me to sleep,
She is the one who sleeps empty stomach but feeds me,
She is the one who thrashes her own life to make up mine,
She is the one who carried me for months and suffered agonies yet never complained,
She is the one who never grumbles but always finds time for me,
She is the one who scolds me but,
She is the only one who purely loves me,
It is only her who pacifies me and says she is fine even though she cries times because of her hectic life,
Its only and only her who could have loved me ‘Unconditionally’!

She is the one who bares those hardships which life offers and is always the one to protect me from such offers which are not hers!

When abroad relatives asks what did you have for dinner..but only my mom asks did you have dinner today?
Friends say you take care.. only my mom says I will take care of you.
People say make your name one day.. only my mom says you are my name everyday.

I consider myself lucky to have her right here standing in front of me, smiling, hugging and kissing me! I am unable to think what to write. Indeed the events and words are too shallow to express my deep love for her. Yes but there’s something which I want to say….

Dedicated to all mothers:

You are the rose that garnish our life..

You are the smell that nourish our health..

You are the stalk that support our future..

You are the beauty that define our character..

You are the seeds that sow our career..

You are the fruit that we’ll reap in future..

You are the petals which adorn our emotions..

To are the name which is our sobriquet!

Why do we keep forgetting the rough hands and the wrinkling face? After years of topsy-turvy life is that all what should be gifted to her? Why can’t we express our love when we actually mean the love?Why do we always make her the bank to deposit all our hurts and worries?

Lets make a change today. Lets give her some love today. Lets invest some time with her today.
“She is not expecting for oceans but atleast give her a glass of water!”
For my special one- Deepa Shah

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13 thoughts on “Can’t Say More!”

  1. Well written😀 really true As we are growing up we are forgetting that even our parents are growing……we need to give them most of our time because they are the most precious ppl in our life…love you Mom and Dad❤️


  2. I have no words to express… U have indeed put ur heart in this.. N ur mom is very lucky to have a son like u for whom her mother is so special.. Love u for this 😊😊😊


  3. Who said guys are poor at expressing their feelings! Here we have a champ expressing his heart out so beautifully! Amazing Uday! Looking forward to read more and more of your work. ☺️☺️❤️❤️


  4. Ppl living on dis readyy..because a veryy young talented indian Shakespeare is soon going to capture ur hearts through his amazingg writinggss..very well written uday…keep it up!!😎❤😍👌🏻


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