Small Message

Is it really important? I ask you all. A usual everyday squabble between me and Mom. She opined me to have one drafted- ‘By Me For Me’. Uggghh its way too underrated for me to create one every morning, punch it on my clipboard and strictly become its slave the whole day.
Never ever have I made a Time Table before for myself. It starts barricading the 12×2 hours which are credited to my clock a/c everyday.

Early morning first task is to start drafting the whole day chronology in that piece of paper. I knew its always going to be void ab initio. Had no faith to follow it sincerely. On the other hand, there he is, My Cousin. I don’t know what motivates him to sit every previous night and prepare a Time Table. “You’re crazy”, I always smirked at him.

He’s been there with me since 7 years in the same career. Neither a nerd nor having a high IQ or practicable apporach, still never failed to hit the home runs in his field. I could hardly do that. But yes I learnt something important from him. One needs to manage time. I always lacked this quality. I cannot manage it. His discipline always put him a step forward than me.

Simple things he does everyday:
1. Wakes up and sleeps at proper scheduled clock.
2. Makes time for himself everyday.
3. Nobody ever finds him being too busy because he is always done with his lot.
4. Is just sincere.

The smirk I used to give him stands invalid. At times we need to be disciplined which we are not. I don’t say we should always have a Time Table to be followed. However, our goals and objectives should be set within a time limit.

“Down the line we always get what we visualize right now.”

For this hardwork is required but with discipline. Hope you guys push yourself in a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I am grooming myself for the same. Best of luck.

# The person I admire, My brother – Darshil Shah

It is not enough to be busy…The question is “What are we busy about?”

Mom’s Eternity

Yes, I did yell at her. Yes, I do get angry at her. I loose my conscience and I don’t realize what I did. I feel guilty. I make mistakes with ‘1’ followed by numerous ‘0’s. Those are the times I should have knelt down on my knees and told her ‘Sorry’. But I didn’t. I didn’t have the guts. The courage in me was lacking.

She did everything for me. She forgot to sleep just to keep a check on me. She didn’t have food because she knew I won’t be full. I drained her day’s energy to make my room. She had sweat rolling down her forehead while brooming the dust. She’s got boils and scars because of the cooking stove.

But in return what did I give?
A ‘SHOUT’ for the work she pleaded me to do.
A ‘GRUMBLE’ for the food she cooked.
A ‘DISGUST’ for she asked me to sleep early. Yup, I have done all these and am still doing it. Just because I feel nasty that my freedom is being curbed. I am being limited. I am being bounded.

Its shameful that I couldnt meet the expectation of hers. She had just hoped for a good son. A son who will respect her, take care of her and love her. Was she wrong to ask me all this? Can’t she not ask me for such a handful when she offered a whole world to me?

Everyday I remember my acts, I feel shameful. I always wish to be her pride. But I have lowered her head many times. I know how she consoles me when I fail or give up. Its not me who failed, its my mom who failed. She knows this. Yet she is always ending with a smile, making her tears disappear so that I dont cry.

Mom you’re very good. I know you gave me an ocean of love and I failed to give you even droplets till now. Schooling just taught me literal meaning of mom. Never did I dive into the depths to see the real meaning of mom who stands behind, pushes me forward, holds me back, lifts me up and makes the mountain of life look like a piece of cake cut with a knife.

A sorry and a thank you. I cursed my fortune always for various reasons when I always knew I had the biggest fortune with me. I should have seen those children before complaining, who didn’t even have the chance to put their head and sleep in your lap, who didn’t even have the luck to hug you tight, who didn’t even get to touch your face, and who didn’t even have the fortune to say Mom.

I am coward. I don’t have that confidence to stand in front of you and say everything. Even if I do I won’t find words. I will fumble with my speech. I know I can write. So, I wrote this.

Mom I will make you proud it’s a promise from your son. I will be a man for a reason. I have learnt from you. I will implement it. I will do my part for those in need. I will earn but earn for a reason- to help others. Not just for myself.

I know your disguised love. We have conflicts, we have quarrels. People will fake but you won’t. I confess am not a good child at all but surely love you more than all. After reading this I don’t know how you will react. But each word has come from my heart. This isn’t written with fingers and brain but tears of love forced me to write it.

Your son,

This isn’t just for my Mom but to all Moms from their son and daughter.

My Mom Deepa and my other dear ones whom I believe to be my Mom- Jyoti Didi, Ashita Miss, Payal Aunty, Nidhi Aunty and Priti Aunty

Tutor Friend

Tell me a truth, I asked
The small baby in mind spoke at last..

Who are those wanting to see you succeed
She replied… ‘They are the ones who make you lead’

Confused to find an answer in disguise..
Made me think how does this mind reply?

Searched for her lines again..
Broke down the words again

They are the ones who make you ‘LEAD’
The phrase thundered with great speed..

Learnt the response.. it referred to some people!
Not so close yet are important to me

Never do they tell me on face, how do they like me alot..
But just wish for my success so push me in lots!

One is my scheduler tracking me day in and out..
Other one questions and says “If you don’t study well, I won’t reply you at any cost”

Both are different but always cares..
Till I promise them a result which turns to be fair!

Love you’ll both for backing me all time..
Reprimanding and guiding me through you’ll are real teachers of mine❤

Credits to my friend CA Saloni Shah

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Sister Struggles

A mix packet of Love, Mischief, Care, Fights, Tears, Smiles, Strength. There are unlimited ingredients to add. She is like the French Cheese Platter- Go on trying and she will present herself differently each day with a new life flavour. She’s a bucket with plenty of happy water troubles in one’s life:

1. She will never let you be Alone for a second.

2. She can make you taste weirdest dishes with a smile.

3. She becomes your Mom in her absence.

4. She is the startup to the family engine.

5. She irritates you every now and then.

6. She never lets your secrets out.

7. She freezes the clock when you’re short of time.

8. She taunts you well to understand your mistakes.

9. She drives you mad when you aren’t done with ‘home-works’.

10. She chalks the best solution for any problem.

11. She never enjoys her meals without you.

12. She is the cartoon who relieves your stress.

13. She won’t let you need a girlfriend.

14. She cares like nobody else does without ever letting you know.

15. She is the personal bodyguard 24/7.

16. She shares the brohood with you.

17. She bents upon making you jealous that mom dad loves her more.

18. She never lets you sleep without finding the answers to all her questions.

19. She diverts all your sorrows into happiness knowingly.

20. She just can’t wait to surprise you before anybody else does.

21. She loves to live in your heart just to shield it against the hurts.

She is a infact never your shadow but your own soul- you know why? Shadow fades once the sun goes down but sister will never leave your side.

For My Sister Janvi💓

And Its Infinite..

A line without a dot. A talk without a clock. A bye always with a why! ‘The End’ nahh not possible. It just goes on and we never figured a reason to stop.

Yes but there’s..of course a start:

It started with a smile which went on for miles…

Tried to find a way always ended up with a heyy.. went on for days and found we’re having our attempts in May..

Landed up in a class always enduring the lectures for hours..

Became the world’s best trio always attacking one in duos..

Roaming in a gift shop turned to be the biggest hop..

Complete opposites in personalities but found that we are the best infinities..

Rare were our outings, but those were the perfect meetings..

A person I never expected to be, she was always standing ahead when somebody disrespected me..

Plenty did we share, a day without a talk started becoming a nightmare..

Life twisted and turned but she smiled through to accept what sorrows I earned..

Makes me laugh sees me cry, whichever phase I show she sits to comfort till my tears dry..

Keeps me calling different names, she’s my bestie with all the fame..

Always scared to lose me though, she accepts me with all my flaws..

Yes her name means ‘to sound’ and I like to hear her all the year round..

Just a sweet smile on my face, its her presence which always keeps me amazed!

Dhwani thats for you!

Words of Anand

Disclaimer: This is what we have experienced or observed but You are an upcoming Chartered Accountant so you are expected to think critically and act! So Believe in yourself!

1) It takes time…. Understand that Rome was not built in a day so every subject will take time initially….invest in it because “Once understood and practiced, it becomes a cake walk”.

2) Its not the number of questions you tried that matter, what really matters is the quality of your questions.

3) After every few days….look back and introspect how you have been progressing otherwise last day and you haven’t hit the target.

4) Every subject and every chapter is important yet you cannot do 100% effectively but you can definitely learn all concepts and practice all material ones.

5) Be you , World will adjust you!
You know yourself better than others so do what is best for you keeping important advices in mind.

6) Entire game is on the day before exam
The previous day is the most important one so better start off asap from today.

7) Our exam works on the confidence level.  Even if the paper tries capsizing your boat don’t give up, you can still turn the tables.

8) Last but not the least..
Never believe in trend but yes believe in technical competence. Think you’re already a CA and study with that mindset rather than just gulping down the chunks of theory without understanding a bit.

That’s all
Believe in yourself because if you don’t…nobody else will!

“Dubti hui naav ka kinaara hai tu
Khud he khud ka sahara hai tu..”

Lots of Love and blessings
Take care
Live like a Legend
– Anand Joshi

Thank you so much to my friend Anand for sharing his words of guidance. Tried to produce his ideas not limiting it to myself but yes to the world of Chartereds.

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Unnamed Yet to be Famed

A girl, a lady, a female! Why don’t we try understanding what they feel. Does being a man make you a superpower? Is it okay to just neglect their emotions? They are the home-makers but nowadays we fame them as peace-breakers. Just because they ask for some moral support from their husbands or brothers or friends we boys judge them to be feeble.

We men don’t know the trauma of being alone in a secluded home..
We men don’t know the 9 months of a pregnant lady..
We men don’t know the effects of mood-swings that most ladies face..
We men don’t know the extreme pains faced during menstrual cycles..

And instead of holding their hand we push them away from us instructing them to sit like a mannequin at one place and work like a robot for us the whole day. Is it really fair for us to do so?

There are times when you have asked a girl for an outing. If she replies an odd a number of times we boys accept that she is not interested.  Do we really understand why she says a no?  We start assuming but there’s a need to understand things as she may not be comfortable enough to open up herself instantly.

Ladies in their middle ages suffer from deficiencies, hormonal changes, mood swings and loneliness. We are unaware but some ladies still cry sitting in a corner. They become consciously unaware of whats going wrong. A few good words and time is what they require. What we give them is utter neglects.

If and only if we men think a little, pay attention a little, be their helping hand, buy some time for them; they will definitely appreciate. Lavishly spending on costly gifts is not what they want. Just sweet words, caring gestures, warm hugs, blend with a kiss and topped with smiles and admirations served with love is all what a girl wishes.

-Penning down my thoughts as a boy on behalf of every girl who reads it. Thank you!