Small Message

Is it really important? I ask you all. A usual everyday squabble between me and Mom. She opined me to have one drafted- ‘By Me For Me’. Uggghh its way too underrated for me to create one every morning, punch it on my clipboard and strictly become its slave the whole day.
Never ever have I made a Time Table before for myself. It starts barricading the 12×2 hours which are credited to my clock a/c everyday.

Early morning first task is to start drafting the whole day chronology in that piece of paper. I knew its always going to be void ab initio. Had no faith to follow it sincerely. On the other hand, there he is, My Cousin. I don’t know what motivates him to sit every previous night and prepare a Time Table. “You’re crazy”, I always smirked at him.

He’s been there with me since 7 years in the same career. Neither a nerd nor having a high IQ or practicable apporach, still never failed to hit the home runs in his field. I could hardly do that. But yes I learnt something important from him. One needs to manage time. I always lacked this quality. I cannot manage it. His discipline always put him a step forward than me.

Simple things he does everyday:
1. Wakes up and sleeps at proper scheduled clock.
2. Makes time for himself everyday.
3. Nobody ever finds him being too busy because he is always done with his lot.
4. Is just sincere.

The smirk I used to give him stands invalid. At times we need to be disciplined which we are not. I don’t say we should always have a Time Table to be followed. However, our goals and objectives should be set within a time limit.

“Down the line we always get what we visualize right now.”

For this hardwork is required but with discipline. Hope you guys push yourself in a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I am grooming myself for the same. Best of luck.

# The person I admire, My brother – Darshil Shah

It is not enough to be busy…The question is “What are we busy about?”

Mom’s Eternity

Yes, I did yell at her. Yes, I do get angry at her. I loose my conscience and I don’t realize what I did. I feel guilty. I make mistakes with ‘1’ followed by numerous ‘0’s. Those are the times I should have knelt down on my knees and told her ‘Sorry’. But I didn’t. I didn’t have the guts. The courage in me was lacking.

She did everything for me. She forgot to sleep just to keep a check on me. She didn’t have food because she knew I won’t be full. I drained her day’s energy to make my room. She had sweat rolling down her forehead while brooming the dust. She’s got boils and scars because of the cooking stove.

But in return what did I give?
A ‘SHOUT’ for the work she pleaded me to do.
A ‘GRUMBLE’ for the food she cooked.
A ‘DISGUST’ for she asked me to sleep early. Yup, I have done all these and am still doing it. Just because I feel nasty that my freedom is being curbed. I am being limited. I am being bounded.

Its shameful that I couldnt meet the expectation of hers. She had just hoped for a good son. A son who will respect her, take care of her and love her. Was she wrong to ask me all this? Can’t she not ask me for such a handful when she offered a whole world to me?

Everyday I remember my acts, I feel shameful. I always wish to be her pride. But I have lowered her head many times. I know how she consoles me when I fail or give up. Its not me who failed, its my mom who failed. She knows this. Yet she is always ending with a smile, making her tears disappear so that I dont cry.

Mom you’re very good. I know you gave me an ocean of love and I failed to give you even droplets till now. Schooling just taught me literal meaning of mom. Never did I dive into the depths to see the real meaning of mom who stands behind, pushes me forward, holds me back, lifts me up and makes the mountain of life look like a piece of cake cut with a knife.

A sorry and a thank you. I cursed my fortune always for various reasons when I always knew I had the biggest fortune with me. I should have seen those children before complaining, who didn’t even have the chance to put their head and sleep in your lap, who didn’t even have the luck to hug you tight, who didn’t even get to touch your face, and who didn’t even have the fortune to say Mom.

I am coward. I don’t have that confidence to stand in front of you and say everything. Even if I do I won’t find words. I will fumble with my speech. I know I can write. So, I wrote this.

Mom I will make you proud it’s a promise from your son. I will be a man for a reason. I have learnt from you. I will implement it. I will do my part for those in need. I will earn but earn for a reason- to help others. Not just for myself.

I know your disguised love. We have conflicts, we have quarrels. People will fake but you won’t. I confess am not a good child at all but surely love you more than all. After reading this I don’t know how you will react. But each word has come from my heart. This isn’t written with fingers and brain but tears of love forced me to write it.

Your son,

This isn’t just for my Mom but to all Moms from their son and daughter.

My Mom Deepa and my other dear ones whom I believe to be my Mom- Jyoti Didi, Ashita Miss, Payal Aunty, Nidhi Aunty and Priti Aunty

Tutor Friend

Tell me a truth, I asked
The small baby in mind spoke at last..

Who are those wanting to see you succeed
She replied… ‘They are the ones who make you lead’

Confused to find an answer in disguise..
Made me think how does this mind reply?

Searched for her lines again..
Broke down the words again

They are the ones who make you ‘LEAD’
The phrase thundered with great speed..

Learnt the response.. it referred to some people!
Not so close yet are important to me

Never do they tell me on face, how do they like me alot..
But just wish for my success so push me in lots!

One is my scheduler tracking me day in and out..
Other one questions and says “If you don’t study well, I won’t reply you at any cost”

Both are different but always cares..
Till I promise them a result which turns to be fair!

Love you’ll both for backing me all time..
Reprimanding and guiding me through you’ll are real teachers of mine❤

Credits to my friend CA Saloni Shah

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Sister Struggles

A mix packet of Love, Mischief, Care, Fights, Tears, Smiles, Strength. There are unlimited ingredients to add. She is like the French Cheese Platter- Go on trying and she will present herself differently each day with a new life flavour. She’s a bucket with plenty of happy water troubles in one’s life:

1. She will never let you be Alone for a second.

2. She can make you taste weirdest dishes with a smile.

3. She becomes your Mom in her absence.

4. She is the startup to the family engine.

5. She irritates you every now and then.

6. She never lets your secrets out.

7. She freezes the clock when you’re short of time.

8. She taunts you well to understand your mistakes.

9. She drives you mad when you aren’t done with ‘home-works’.

10. She chalks the best solution for any problem.

11. She never enjoys her meals without you.

12. She is the cartoon who relieves your stress.

13. She won’t let you need a girlfriend.

14. She cares like nobody else does without ever letting you know.

15. She is the personal bodyguard 24/7.

16. She shares the brohood with you.

17. She bents upon making you jealous that mom dad loves her more.

18. She never lets you sleep without finding the answers to all her questions.

19. She diverts all your sorrows into happiness knowingly.

20. She just can’t wait to surprise you before anybody else does.

21. She loves to live in your heart just to shield it against the hurts.

She is a infact never your shadow but your own soul- you know why? Shadow fades once the sun goes down but sister will never leave your side.

For My Sister Janvi💓

And Its Infinite..

A line without a dot. A talk without a clock. A bye always with a why! ‘The End’ nahh not possible. It just goes on and we never figured a reason to stop.

Yes but there’s..of course a start:

It started with a smile which went on for miles…

Tried to find a way always ended up with a heyy.. went on for days and found we’re having our attempts in May..

Landed up in a class always enduring the lectures for hours..

Became the world’s best trio always attacking one in duos..

Roaming in a gift shop turned to be the biggest hop..

Complete opposites in personalities but found that we are the best infinities..

Rare were our outings, but those were the perfect meetings..

A person I never expected to be, she was always standing ahead when somebody disrespected me..

Plenty did we share, a day without a talk started becoming a nightmare..

Life twisted and turned but she smiled through to accept what sorrows I earned..

Makes me laugh sees me cry, whichever phase I show she sits to comfort till my tears dry..

Keeps me calling different names, she’s my bestie with all the fame..

Always scared to lose me though, she accepts me with all my flaws..

Yes her name means ‘to sound’ and I like to hear her all the year round..

Just a sweet smile on my face, its her presence which always keeps me amazed!

Dhwani thats for you!

Words of Anand

Disclaimer: This is what we have experienced or observed but You are an upcoming Chartered Accountant so you are expected to think critically and act! So Believe in yourself!

1) It takes time…. Understand that Rome was not built in a day so every subject will take time initially….invest in it because “Once understood and practiced, it becomes a cake walk”.

2) Its not the number of questions you tried that matter, what really matters is the quality of your questions.

3) After every few days….look back and introspect how you have been progressing otherwise last day and you haven’t hit the target.

4) Every subject and every chapter is important yet you cannot do 100% effectively but you can definitely learn all concepts and practice all material ones.

5) Be you , World will adjust you!
You know yourself better than others so do what is best for you keeping important advices in mind.

6) Entire game is on the day before exam
The previous day is the most important one so better start off asap from today.

7) Our exam works on the confidence level.  Even if the paper tries capsizing your boat don’t give up, you can still turn the tables.

8) Last but not the least..
Never believe in trend but yes believe in technical competence. Think you’re already a CA and study with that mindset rather than just gulping down the chunks of theory without understanding a bit.

That’s all
Believe in yourself because if you don’t…nobody else will!

“Dubti hui naav ka kinaara hai tu
Khud he khud ka sahara hai tu..”

Lots of Love and blessings
Take care
Live like a Legend
– Anand Joshi

Thank you so much to my friend Anand for sharing his words of guidance. Tried to produce his ideas not limiting it to myself but yes to the world of Chartereds.

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Unnamed Yet to be Famed

A girl, a lady, a female! Why don’t we try understanding what they feel. Does being a man make you a superpower? Is it okay to just neglect their emotions? They are the home-makers but nowadays we fame them as peace-breakers. Just because they ask for some moral support from their husbands or brothers or friends we boys judge them to be feeble.

We men don’t know the trauma of being alone in a secluded home..
We men don’t know the 9 months of a pregnant lady..
We men don’t know the effects of mood-swings that most ladies face..
We men don’t know the extreme pains faced during menstrual cycles..

And instead of holding their hand we push them away from us instructing them to sit like a mannequin at one place and work like a robot for us the whole day. Is it really fair for us to do so?

There are times when you have asked a girl for an outing. If she replies an odd a number of times we boys accept that she is not interested.  Do we really understand why she says a no?  We start assuming but there’s a need to understand things as she may not be comfortable enough to open up herself instantly.

Ladies in their middle ages suffer from deficiencies, hormonal changes, mood swings and loneliness. We are unaware but some ladies still cry sitting in a corner. They become consciously unaware of whats going wrong. A few good words and time is what they require. What we give them is utter neglects.

If and only if we men think a little, pay attention a little, be their helping hand, buy some time for them; they will definitely appreciate. Lavishly spending on costly gifts is not what they want. Just sweet words, caring gestures, warm hugs, blend with a kiss and topped with smiles and admirations served with love is all what a girl wishes.

-Penning down my thoughts as a boy on behalf of every girl who reads it. Thank you!

CA Syllab to Life

“Life itches you but teaches you”

Thinking like Costing..

1. Relevant Costing:
If I was not here I was better somewhere else.
(Opportunity cost is the key- It does the work of profit and loss.)

2. Marginal Costing:
Trying to be like others is useless unless you shape yourself according to circumstances.
(Absorption method is useless when you understand concepts of Marginal)

3. Budgetory Control:
Always compare yourself with opponents through ‘their’ skills and ‘your’ weaknesses.
(Make estimates based on others costs and your profits.)

4. ABC Costing:
There are always people around who will prove to be a catalyst for your worth.
(Based on the cost drivers)

5. Pareto Analysis:
Analyze the worth of the work to be done before starting it.
(80/20 rule)

6. Learning Curve:
Consistency favours a graph to hedge your life portfolio.
(Learning with Time)

7. Business Ethics:
A great man without ethics is worth a cup without a saucer.
(No Ethics= No Business)

Implementing through Strategic Management

8. Derivatives-Futures:
If you comprehend the statistics surrounding you,  be ready to turn Yens into Dollars.
(Invest in futures if you get the hang of it,  it is more promising than Equity)

9. Derivatives-Options:
Games without risk makes no sense of winning
(Options market is an opportunity to multiply your credit ratings.)

10. Zero Coupon Bonds:
To be secured in life follow those who promise more by risking less.

11. Forex:
The greatest profits in life are made by exchanging words be it strong or weak.
(Although a strong or a weak currency it requires to be exchanged.)

12. Risk Management:
Destiny is a hurdle. Its upto you how big a jump you want to take.
(Greater the risk more the profits.)

Sugar Darts to Kill Hearts

Holding your fingers walking through the streets, the days I foresee, you will be no more with me.

Waiting for a talk which can go on life long, butterflies circling the moments, tieing us with vows, till we hustle adieu to just even out..

Can’t we stay more I plead to the clock but always does it reply to follow its law..

Sorcerers and wizards please conspire, a story for my love which Cupid admire..

Peter Pan’s Tinker and Frozen Sisters are the only disney pixies who help me inspire..

Hearing them all, dragonflies along, chirping in ears, where my Nightingale mingles..

Punches and smiles which often makes me die,  holding my heart high till you hear my relief sigh..

Disguised in your lovely shades, you lure me with your beauty waves..

A kid that you portray to be, is not always what makes you glee..

Not certain that I know the rest, but I’m assured I know the best..

Hate me as much as you can, My love won’t end till I make you my fan..

Queen of hearts, I’m the King of Blacks Diamond that you’re for me, I can take the Spears for you in my chest!

“I appear to have a tryst with many but I promise you girl they were none I wanted to marry!”

Did I just kill one? 😉

Happy Buckets

Remember Boys we are the Luckiest if we have the followings.. which money can never buy you!

1. A Mom’s Love and Protection

2. A Dad’s Attitude and Charm

3. A Sister to Irritate and share a Shoulder

4. A Brother to Quarrel

5. A Bro’s Support and Readyness

6. A Girl Bestie to share Secrets and Weirdness

7. A Teacher’s Blessing

8. A Mentor’s Guidance

9. A Loved Companion’s Time and Attention

10. A Well-Wisher’s Prayers

Am Lucky to have all ’10’. How many did you’ll score🙈

Rusted Trades

Scanning down the numbers and hunting for my lucks, I gambled. 20k, 40k, not any arithmetic progression it went on to be a geometric. I longed on, being bullish dumped my 640k in a B-rated security hoping to fetch me a basket of currency. The result turned to be a fortune! I couldn’t imagine the money I made in seconds.

This was a big stroke catalyzing me to make stupendous future results in market trading. What next? I began speculating hard and soon turned the purple notes to pink. The day I wished to become the wolf of wallstreet made me end my dream.

6 months observing the markets boosted my confidence of becoming an ‘Ace Player’. The biggest IPO was on its way. I had an eye to invest. Earning so much in past with minimal losses had already turned me reckless. The red blood in me wished to be oozed as golden just to mint bags of coins. So,  I did.

Held the shares for 3days, 5days,  a week, a month, the graphs were not striking my luck points. The ‘Candlesticks’ didn’t rise with the wax getting collected in the stock charts. My heart galloping and brain punching rhetorical questions to which I had no answers.

I am done was all that I could hear of myself. The earning I made in six months dwindled below the ZERO just to show me negative figures. I had no option but to sell and secure the least to save the overnight cost and commissions. Complete wipe off.

Theres no end just a word to share – “Do it,  don’t be reckless, play with mind not with coins. You can mint golds and silvers but hedge your approach. Don’t make it a fever, or else you may loose the league where you want to stand first. “

Do share your views! 😉

The Stolen One

Part 1:

The phone vibrates & her ravishing picture adorning my screen:

How’s it honey? 

Petals will shy, tender dimples never lie..😋

Put a mirror for me to confront, your eyes will shimmer like an oceanfront..😍

Cataracts and waves sounding so loud, your tassels are making me spellbound..🤗

Last is the protagonist admiring this smilescape, two soft friends are beautifying my mindscape!❤

Part 2:

Daily chores making me drop her calls 


Sweet Mine where are you? 


Traffics are bad, work drives us mad
Job is on stake, please agree its not my mistake..🤨 

Will call you soon later, requesting you don’t become my hater

Love you lots dear, losing you every second is a fear😨

Part 3:

Flattering her to accept when she’s missing me too much


Its unacceptable to me


Accept it or not,
Am the one whose always yours..😉

Access denied notified on my screen
The 404 error you displayed for me🙄

Troubleshooting is on, my dear
You are hacked but dont fear😎

Travelling some space of time
I see a heart that will accept the speech of mine!😇

Part 4:

When she wants life-spice


Life is so irritating..nothing interesting to do


A walk with you along the seashore
Speaking our hearts out in a corridor..🙃

Date at a cafe ville

Carrying my girl to the malls of bournville..🤫

Let me book the seats for an eve show

We’ll enjoy a candle light with fireworks in a row.. 🤩

Drive you towards a boulangerie 

Feed you with the best of patiseries..😋

Listen to your tantrums the whole day

Never get tired of you anyway.. 🤭

Hold your fingers and look straight in your eyes 

Dance with you till the clock time flys..😘

Part 5:

When she’s feeling too sleepy but waits to see the goodnight tweet

Am feeling too sleepy Love, see you tomorrow (And she’s still waiting patiently)

Goodbye to the girl waiting for friday…

Annyeong after the talk we do everyday…

Ciao before the sun walks to arise…

See you after the moon sets to die…

Sayounara lady its too soon i know…

Adieu is a bid not for unknown… 

Farvel & adeus so difficult to say

Hasta la vista to make me a day!💫

Waiting for some cute Feedbacks. Thank you all! Wishing you all a great Diwali and A Happy New Year!

A Must Read!

Never had i thought of this….

One who loves till you close your eyes, is a “Mother”.One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a “Father”.
Introduce you to the world.Introduce the world to you.
Gives you birth.Gives you living.
Makes sure you are not starving.Makes sure you know the value of starving.
Personifies Care.Personifies Responsibility.
Protects you from a fall.Teaches you to get up from a fall.
Teaches you walking.Teaches you walk of life.
Teaches from her own experiences.Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
Reflects Ideology.Reflects Reality.
Mother’s love is known to you since birth.Father’s love is known when you become a father.

“Never have they dealt with anything more difficult than having to face each day without you being there in their Life.”

The Subtle Signs

The sticky notes of irony in our life..

Overvaluing things that don’t value and undervalue those that do!

Understanding things that are simply complicated while neglecting the ones of basic sense!

Loving the ones who hate and never giving a chance to the ones who care!

Respecting the fakes while looking down upon the humbles!

Finding a solution for many who never conclude for you any!

Parting with time for meanings that merely matter,  leaving the ones that actually matter!

Gambling on assets just to feed in liabilities!

Punishing an accomplishment for a contingency of enjoyment!

Mailing to all who seem so virtual while forgetting the dears who are so real!

Cementing the gaps of weak and feeble, just to demolish the strong and potents!

A vision wanting the people to follow which the preacher himself not ready to swallow!

Sympathy is all that is searched while empathy is not guaranteed by all!

Wishing for a life that is lavish and grande but lazy to step ahead and become a brand!

Anticipating change in all, without realizing the chain starts with ‘You’ll!

“If you alter the way you perceive the things, the things you want will change.”

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Symphony Shots🎶

A melody that roars..
Euphony never soars

Lets play a symphony..
Its the ace in music’s history

Pen down your notes..
Instrumental as tones

Sounds that touch..
Chords care much

Get ready for a Grammy..
You are the one to inspire many!

List of some hits..just a click to boost your energy..

1. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

2. Faded by Alan Walker

3. Hall of Fame by The Script

4. Gone Gone Gone by Philips Philip

5. High on Life by Martin Garrix

6. A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

7. Darskside by Alan Walker

8. Don’t Let me Down by Chainsmokers

9. Ignite by Alan Walker

10. Closer by Chainsmokers

11. Remember the Name by Fort Minor

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Fail it but Nail it😎

Those were the efforts, those were the pains, those were the sacrifices,  those were the heartaches, and those were the so called ‘Gem Fragments’ slithering off my palm!

A Hit yet a Miss..
A Perfect Throw yet Rebounced..
A Correct Answer yet Red Crossed..
A True Dream yet turned to Ashes..
A Dead Person living with a Hope!

Failure knocks me thrice and I don’t have an answer to this why? Am broken, am stitched, my heart boiling out the blood to win!

Yet igniting a spark so silent, kudos to these 3 years. Exhibiting the talents I possessed, never will I want to repent. Sailing in this tough whether learnt a thing to never say ‘Weather’.
Can’ts and Mights are replaced, Musts cannot be delayed.

Guardians and Kings will see my spirits
Testimonies will wonder my limits
Verdicts will be challenged soon
When the sun will enrage this moon!

Be ready for more, problems cannot be lured,
Open defeats are here to accept, still bare a smile which nobody can digest!

Approach your flaws bail them with your laws,
You are the Ace don’t dwindle your pace!

Work like an Enemy, stand like a Demon,
Brush up your goals and refill your doze!

Hunt like hounds and tackle them in rounds,
Tighten your fist and punch it hard till your failures no more count!

“Don’t fear to be a dead clock for a while, nobody uses it yet shows correct time twice a day!”

Please do write a feedback!😉

For You

Perfect? No.. not at all! She claims of having a number of defects. Rejoicing the moments and capsizing the hourglass, never did I count what I would miss in my life’s flower vase.

An image clicked by the eyes
Words that never spoke a lie..

A smile worth to me so precious
A face that is so glorious..

A voice soothing my ears
Always finding you amongst my peers..

Hope to see you soon down the line
I have only your heart dwelling in mine!

Wait wait adding some more..
Just a few days and you will be gone.

Want to add on many but words are scanty
Yet a line or two which I made just ‘For You’…

The comfort when you’re around
The lips that part to sound

A feeling that always bound
This is what all I found..

A mirror without a glass
A blush without a mask

A love without a condition
A friendship without a permission!

A beauty overlappped in shadows
I cant explain your appeal in meadows..

The compliments real are always hidden
I can hardly sketch you with all that freedom..

Lastly the soul that speaks ‘For You’..

Shinning like Snow White😇

Glowy like Belle😊

Cuteness of Aurora😍

Singing like Arielle😉

Determination of Jasmine🙂

Running like Rapunzel😋

Strength of Pocahontas😎

With sweetness of Cindrella❤💫

But above all here it is:

Mickey once said, ‘Repeating my flaws is not a mistake but my habbit, a habbit only to make my Minnie smile!’

Don’t forget to fill in the feedbacks😉

Playing with Words

Dangling down the rues of darkness,
I show you to the blacks of marvels..

Holding your hands I drag along,
Sighting a house to put prolongs..

Shooting down the hearts of scarecrows,
Showcasing you in the yards of meadows..

Throwing out the scents of flytraps,
Attracting the birds to scream their nightmares..

See the mirror it ends too vast,
My love starts till a candle lasts..

Grab on a prey before they pray,
Sun is about to spit its ray..

Wizards are all envying at you,
The witches are gorgeous but not as you..

Cast a spell as sweet as psalm,
Make them sugars salty as sour..

Portions are ready, put them in bowls,
Until the meanders stop the flows..

Put on your hat and order the broom,
Quidich is on lets fly in the room..

Fire the candles light the skulls,
Let the pumpkins shine through the hussels..

Supper at 3 with my date on a tree,
Life is for happiers so smile in glee!

House of Lies

How will you feel if someone gifted you a wrapper without a chocolate? Or a chocolate for no reason? My parents have done so since I was born. They had started to author a book of lies 19 years back..

They had lied… having a white collar job and working up with corporates and business tycoons

They had lied… having their food before mine

They had lied…handing over the menu to me saying, we have no favourites to order

They had lied… of being supremely educated for not making us feel inferior in school

They had lied… about earning a six digit income to live a lavish life

They had lied… our housechores were always done by workers

They had lied… about accomplishing their own dreams before mine

They had lied… that they don’t like to dress up

They had lied… never do they cry when they see me fall

They had lied… they were perfectly happy without any hardships in life

They had lied…about sleeping comfortably on the floor instead of the couch

They had lied…we have a home!

They had lied… they dont like cinemas only so as to cut out a cost

They had lied… that they don’t love me at all

They had lied… that their lives were so easy without any sacrifice!

And today I want to lie that my life would be blessed if they didn’t do the above for me!

Please leave a feedback in the comments section below if your parents have ever lied to you!

The Unsung Tutor!

Walking leg to leg, though the roads are not fair..
Slogging through the seasons four, yet stirring into all types of affairs..

Am unknown to places where I go..
My Master takes me somehwere I know

Struggling through the stones and tar..
Making my sole rough at heart

The only pride I take is in ‘My Better-Half’
She’s the one who comforts me at last..

Guess who am I?

Yes am the one who promises you your first impression. I am the one who is noticed by all except for his own Master. I am your very own shoes!

Those who are reading me listen carefully, I have a tranquilizer which can motivate you lifelong. Just try understanding this Shoe’s words. It has a meaning deeper than I can convey. Now read the words of my Shoe..

1. On Life:
I say life is burdensome and so are weights. Doesn’t depend on how heavy your situations are, it depends upon how much I can take without any complaints.

2. On Perseverence:
I will keep on biting you till you learn to accept my worth. If you are scared to try new things you cannot enjoy my goodwill!

3. On Patience:
Look at my ripped soles and you will understand what patience really means. The rougher the use the more the patience develops.

4. On Amity:
Make friends with your work or else simply face the friction of the ground and break yourself just to be left abandoned.

5. On Togetherness:
You cannot reach and achieve your aspirations alone in life. Even I require my betterhalf to join along before my owner takes me on a round.

6. On Ego:
Life has given a stage to act. Your place will always be fixed like mine. So respect it, for you know deep down that nobody else can replace you there.

7. On Humbleness:
The worth you carry shouldn’t matter to you for even my expensive friends Nike and Puma are put on the same feet.

8. On Envy:
Don’t cry because you ‘Don’t’ have me. You may look around and find that there are some without legs who ‘Can’t’ have me!

“Accept Life like a pair of shoes! The one forward has no pride and the one behind has no shame.  Both know that their position will change soon.”

So that was a small note which my shoe wished to share with you all. Thank you for reading these silent lines of a shoe.

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The Unsung Tutor

The Last Gift

While leaving for home i met you last. The shimmers in your eyes melt my heart. The spark in your smile heated my soul. Who knew this was the last day i ever saw you laugh. The day next awaited with malice. A constant watchful eye! I tremoured with shock in my spine when received the news from my allies….’SHE’ was hospitalized. My heart palpitating louder than a drum..i galloped to the hospital for my ‘moon’.

‘A pain in her chest and a hole in her heart. She will survive no more,’ the nurse said. The words stabbed my heart. ‘My Juliet going to live no more’. The thought causing atrocious pain! Started pleading to God but no help came by.
No transplants available..! I cant let her life pass by! Went to the doctor with heavy steps and offered if my heart could replace hers. This decision went in the affirmative.
I took my last breath for my loved one. Kept on imagining about her long curls; with whom the winds loved to play..her face set in front of my eyes till i closed them for hers..
‘My heart transferred to my love’.
She widened her eyes to gaze at her Aquarious morning. Still lying in bed insisted her friends for me. No reply from them. She forced her parents answer..only tears of painful water. She could feel something in herself. A sound much alike to what she had heard whenever she enveloped me with her arms.
A shock! She could hear my hearbeats in herself. Delicate tears, a serene silence, words not enough..expressions undervalued to emotions..!
3 years passed she is still surviving with a hope of her friend who was not a friend too much more than that..People still remember me and say..’He was the boy who gave his heart as the last gift to his sweetheart!’

A Goodnight Tweet!

I embarked on to write thesis for you but I feel I’ll end in lines. 
I am unable to unearth the shining treasures of write-ups for you for the writer within me is too slothful to ruminate. But don’t wince at it for I am sure to accord you something unimaginable. 

I embarked on to write thesis for you but I feel I’ll end in lines. 
I am unable to unearth the shining treasures of write-ups for you for the writer within me is too slothful to ruminate. But don’t wince at it for I am sure to accord you something unimaginable. 

My blissful Capricon is voyaging towards the new life journey. The golden age is before you not behind you. For me, sweetheart you can never be old! For as you were, when your first eye I eye’d such seems your beauty still.

Few nights and you will leave me. Oh..the thought of rifting away darts my heart with venoms of remorse.

These mutinous nights of life always put bars between the owners and their rights. But lets leap over them and explore each second of felicity. 

I feel I am draining you out in such beautiful darkness with what am writing. So lets cheer you up with the original ‘ME’:

Walk the shores to listen the shells….voices will echo and sounds will dwell….

Feel the breeze tapping your cheeks….listen the melodies the seas want to sing….

Dance on the rythm & follow the waves….talk to the tortoise to acknowledge his tales….

Trod the sands to mark your prints….enjoy the sunset painting the welkins….

Walk the night sky glittering the stars….make a wish from the shooting bars….

Turn down your fears about your nears…. and wait until your prince propose you with chocolate smears!!

Okay so this is all what I could think of. 
You know my naughty mind is lacking an epithet good enough to ornament your name, for the permutations of alphabets are too scanty to chronicle you in words. But I can assure you one thing this night..

The sun may forget to rise.
Heavens may forget to smile.
Clouds may forget to burst.
Seeds may forget to reap.
Rains may forget to fall.
Weather may forget to change.
King may forget to keep his word.
But am not going to forget you so soon this night!

Concluding myself with the last of lines. I don’t wish to end but I will have to. Here you go:

From the ancient dusty bags of ores
May you steal coins of gold..

Till you succeed the hards of life
& become the Master of your life..

Don’t undervalue the power of hardworks
Because the brainys don’t even complete their homeworks..

Sink the dreams to the crust of your heart
And you’ll find me walking with you ramparts..

Let me make your day too soon today
Because its my loved ones day today!

Sorry but I can’t stop adding more flavours to my work

Sailing the waves… striking the torpedoes…
Sink in the bottom of the ocean to have a meet with mermaids….
The shoal blowing the trumpets and seahorses singing the chores….
Forget youself in the gales of memories…
Wait for the swam to sing u melodies…
Until the person you like pays you a visit and tracks your heart in the mystery of his tyrannies!!

And wait wait the final goodnight tweet is remaining..

Demons and devils beware
The beauty you try to conquer is aware

The angels are soaring with bows and arrows
So dare not to spy at her with Cupid’s sparrows

Capture not her heart
For its locked in my arts

Don’t encroach the path, you may not find
For the path I create, is undefined

Dreaming of the lady luck I go to sleep
So shall you troll to bed to paint out your dreams!

So let this night be conquered by immortal angels and convey you the beauties of this mortal world to whirl your dreams with unaquirable pleasures and make your soul radiate with the bliss of the heavens!

And I wish the smile which might be there on your face light up more than the fire of any firefly.

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Snippets 2


To Only Mine❤,

Girlfriend, am sorry I didn’t write for you..I love you first and so I will love you last. I know you wanted me to write something. So here you go..

Balancing my words, I keep them short
Dappling through time, you dazzled and shone!

For you, I can melt a thousand thesis
As the dictionary I search has some missing pieces!

Travelling with you is a bucket list dream
Chatting with you is fixed deposit for me!

I don’t trust my luck for it doesn’t belong my destiny
The fortune you create is the best for me!

I love you loads I don’t know why
May you trust the words for they are mine!

I wish to see you happy lifelong
The frowns you create I will capture thereon!

Shedding tears of happiness will not be of help
For I will be standing down carrying the bucket in my hand!

So thats all I can just think of
May I just see you smile..

I love you my love for long and long
Until this heart beats and sings non-stop

Virtual hugs and kisses to you..
From yours and only yours,


Dreams are there..
Destinies are fair

Walk along the coast..
You will reach your post

Hard times are beating..
But don’t keep in engaging

Focus with your headlights on..
You are a rider going long

You are about to cross the mark..
Just have patience for your marks

Believe yourself for you’re the goal..
Millions will be inspired because of your role

Your parents are there to assure you victory..
Till your name is cherished in everyone’s history!


Accept it or not
Am the one whose not yours..

Access denied notified on my screen
The 404 error you displayed it to me..

Troubleshooting is on, my dear
You are hacked but don’t fear..

I am sure you will accept me before I bow
After reading for what I call you now..

Travelling into some space of time
I see a heart that wont ignore this speech of mine!


Clock is ticking
Watches are strucking😋

Stars are twinkling
Moon is winking😉

Gold is sparkling
My girl is smiling😁

Firflies are lighting
Owls are hooting🙂

Thoughts are whirling
Sounds are echoing😎

Heart is beating
Souls are enlightening😇

Skies are darkening
Days are dying😌

You are shining
Gods are imagining🤔

I am gazing
For my girl is blushing!😊


You failed but its not your failure. Your failure defined you thats what you are thinking. But thats not all. Just an exam defined you? Just a small piece of paper determined your life? Just a pair of wrong answers portrayed your intelligence? Thats what you think. You are false in totality.

The most fascinating designs went through dreadful failures.
The most beautiful ideas got no importance.
The world’s best architectural sites went unnoticed.
The eyecatchy landscapes were never appreciated.
The talented brains were often dumped in a paper named ‘Result’.
These brains were failed brains just because there was no one to excavate them.
There was no one to spectate them. This doesn’t mean its useless!

“Time, Patience and Hopes are a bunch of combinations which can lead you to the correct destination!”

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The Specific!
Trace your path, follow your heart..
Slay your thoughts, flee the struggles..
Conquer your soul, strive to excel..
World is small, never question your foes..
They know the best so neglect the rest.. 
Beauty is in your name and you’re sweet anyway..
Don’t ruin your emotions, express them as passions..
Life is a jar don’t tighten it with bars.. 
Tune up your Boats let the Melodies be low..
Write up your history you will find a mystery..
The dreams are more don’t spend them in short..
Freeze the Jacks and be the Queen.. 
Kings will be present but only the Ace will matter!
Chocolates- Not a Breakfast Anymore
Belgium Waffles and Oreo Shakes..
Dip me in the darkest of lakes
Floating in the Choco mud..
Red Velvet was much more fun
Curse me if I die in the Death of Chocolate..
But dear, sure will I bring you Thunderbolt Latte
Kitkat Donuts is what you should like..
Dark fantasies love the way you shine
Brownies and Pancakes adore you much..
Part your lips to have a sugary munch
I need to stop and the menu is short..
For the things you wish will always be hot! 
Daily Dose!
Today’s the day, last it long
Burn the emotions, ignite the passion
Put down your thoughts, heat up your soul
Dig out your past, search for the tasks
Forget the future, destroy the failures
Boat is right in front, cling on it once
Hold on your ore, push them backwards
River is narrow, but ocean is wide
Gales are on its way, still risk yourself for the hurricanes
Don’t fear the storms, someone’s waiting at the shore
So be up, stay up, do up because the person at the shore is the opportunity at its core!
Word Beats!
Sweets and chocolates beware..
The gourmet you try to conquer is aware
Cute as husky though she looks..
Is a sweetheart when it comes to looks
Favorite enemy serves her right..
So does she starts with a fight
Quarreling and correcting is the one she likes..
Still is the one whom I can’t dislike
From head to toe I stalk her everytime..
Feels so good that I know her since great times
Wish from a buddy whose never your ally..
But still respects you as the one that stands-by
You dominated us from times you know..
Yet we always pulled down your toe
Sorry Madame we didn’t talk any recent..
But I promise to make your eve a pleasant 
Wishing you a birthday with cakes I present..
May your heart capture a million of presents!
Why So Soon!
Time was less, I had to part..
Though not from heart but still from this divine art
Closing your eyes, think for a while..
The stars will move and roads will pass
Caress your hair, strike your flicks..
Feel the air and forget the reveries
Wink at once the waves will still..
Gesture at once and a heart is killed
The magic you wish is sure to generate..
For the mystiques you have is not the terminate
Night is drooling, wizards are roaming..
The spells they chant could cause you harm
I give them a warning to just trespass..
For if they hurt you its their last chance!
Fall asleep beauty, someones awake..
To see you doze before switching off his phone.

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End To Start!

Heart throbbing, eyes pouring, tongue drying! The end.

Those sparkles shone bright
Those smile killed me right..
Those hands hugged me tight
Those breaths whispered a bite..

The day was last, moments were cast
Hours were fast, seconds were blast
She ran fast, when i saw her car blast

Her tongue dried before I ask,
The bruises hid her beauty mask,
The reactors had broken the complete flask!

Eyes were shutout, lips were patched-out
She had burnout, but nobody to help-out
Her fingers pointed out, card doors widened-out
I couldn’t holdout, till the eye drops last-out

Pointing out the gateways, sliding down the pathways
Trudging his body midways, the child showed himself hardways

Running to pick up, his body had freezed up
Noways to walk up, the hospital was far up
My love gazed up, asked me to back up
Give me up, hurry up and get the child up..

My courage was fading..
Her pupils were closing..
Her heart was sinking..
And her last wish was remaining!

Carried the child, her wish to abide
Nowhere to side, just rushed a ride.

Holding him in my arms
Who had been begging for alms
Her mind rung the alarms
Honking with her palms..

Concluded with a collusion
Car wheels twisted in confusion
Brakes were no longer in fusion

A sin on my birthday
I couldn’t save her last day
Devils were having a game day
Feast on my tragic day

Flashback about to end
Don’t feel offend
The love I had eyed
Surely made me find!

Rescued from the kill
Somebody did come to heal
A wagon on its wheel
Did take us to the Northeast hill.

The boy opened his eyes..
He was better and nice..
Cured and fed with rice..
No need for other device.

My love embraced me to cry
She knew there was no time to sigh
I will stay and never die
She spoke this with a lie!

Lips widened to speak
There was no way i could seek

A kiss on her temple
Gestures were in ample

She didn’t even feel my caress
The girl whom I address
Is no longer going to harass!

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A Transparent Truth

A trend, a superstition, an unworthy thought, a bias! Weak, coward, inferior and what not have turned out to be a synonym for some females. Why often do we forget the pain a mother takes to carry you for all those months? Why often do we reject a female employee for her deserving position? Why often do we turn down the views and the insights your female friends puts in? Why so often!

Its a dogmas which the people are trodding upon. Pricking her finger with needles, tanning herself in the kitchen, bruising her hands while chopping, turning her palms into rough rods working day in and out. Is this really what a woman deserves?

A mother’s care is the best healing therapy,
A sister’s prayer is the best supportive hand,
A wife’s faith is the best super strength,
A daughter’s love is the best life moment!

Yet we turn our backs towards these and all their ‘best’ remain secluded in an airtight jar of miseries. Nobody to praise their work, nobody to adore their strivings, nobody to resolve their difficulties.. Just nobody!

How often do we quarrel with our sister?
How often do we hate our mother?
How often do we overrule our wife?
How often do we negotiate with our daughter?
How often!

Revive, heal, inspire, motivate, encourage. But words won’t suffice here. Its our actions which are to be altered. Play a small role in a girl’s life and you will find some are a bundle of books with unknown miseries hiding deep inside from the entire world; if you try to eliminate even a single, you won’t understand the pains she disguises with a smile!

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Hacker’s Proposal

Embarking on a journey with me
Wishing to conquer the sparks in me..

USBs are booting, hard drives are loading
Mains are on and Windows are operating..

Intel I order you to Run
For my girl wants a unique fun..

Keyboard and mouse please go side by side 
For am eager to capture this beauty in the Webcam of mine..

Softwares and Hardwares beware
The girl you’re trying to spectate is aware..

Ports are open, copies are scanned
Memory is limited but no far deleted..

Testing your virus in a virtual desktop
Why I often find you without a laptop..

Traced your IP from the link I shared
Never did you recognize what Mails I hacked..

WiFi is connected and your IOT is noted
Still you Tally if your IDEAs are audited..

Norton is ready, Avast is notifying
Waiting for Microsoft to start modifying..

Speakers are bursting, iTunes are playing
Trigger your firewall, Chrome is troubleshooting..

Don’t sing me to Sleep so soon
My Screens are Burning waiting to see his moon..

Personalize my themes with the Paints you want
Photoshops are good if you be patient for long..

HP and Dell don’t waste your time
I have already raided the secrets of her life..

Sorry to hack your CPU before it gets formatted
Because this hacker never allows your heart to be intruded..

Calculate the love I have for you
Unless I say the error detected is you!

A Story Unheard

No flowery language, no vocab and just no new words…hope you’ll like it though!

We all have that one hero in our life who inspires, encourages, motivates and just gives a push in our life.
Here I would like to share a short story about the strongest man whose simple story has become a life changing one for me. I know your first thought would be of a muscular man with a well-toned body but thats not what I mean by the term ‘strongest’.
This strong man born in 1974 who had an indigent childhood in one of the villages of Gujarat. Going to school, walking back home, accompanying his dad to work, coming home and off to sleep. This was his daily routine. Not being interested in studies after 12th, he left his degree midway.
So now what next? He gave up his education, had no job, had to support his parents financially! He kept on wandering around like a vagabond for a few days thinking what to do. Tried his hands at few places but failed.

So he came to the city with his brother in law to try his luck. He ultimately found a job at a merchant’s shop and started earning just enough to have a 2 times meal. Those days he was paid only 10-20 rupees for working a day!

Now the actual story begins..
This man got married by 24 on the urge of his family members. But having no home of his own and earning just enough to satisfy his 2 meals how should he support his wife?
Somehow he got residence at his Uncle’s place but the worst nightmare was not too long. After 2 years his Uncle ordered him to leave the house. Again he passed out few days begging people for a stay for some days till he finds a rental house.
Luckily he found a house. It was a small kitchen size room with a storey above.
He started burning the midnight oil to earn enough to buy a house. Somehow he started his own business and began to get more people to work with him. The small room had soon turned into a mini factory with 7 people working in that. Yes 7 people working in that tiny place.
Now the next suffering starts but with a good news. His wife carried a child. Months passed and the date of delivery neared and she gave birth to a son.
Time for celebrations for baby boy.
But wait do you remember the tiny rental kitchen room with 7 people working?
Hats off to his wife who adjusted herself so much. For about 5 years they had dwelled at the same place. Most of the daytime his wife sat outside doing home chores and helping her husband. The cooking range was set up in one corner of the room. And the child’s cradle used to be near the window pane. What a life for that poor woman!
Now lets take in the next pudding of sufferings dipped in vanilla cream.
The strong man had started doing well enough. He soon bought a new house for his family with his patience, perseverence and hardwork. Here he gets another news of the second child. The situation was similar except for that the lady now suffered from jaundice and this time either mother or child. 80% the victim being the mother. The jaundice wasn’t getting cured. The man kept his patience and had his faith in God intact. And God did favour him at last. Again both saved! Though the baby girl this time was a little weak and had to be kept in incubator. Nonetheless it ended well.
So now you must be thinking its about to end but am sorry this man has to suffer much more than you think..
Financially the man started doing too well. He bought an office for himself. His children started going to school. His wife started her own business of selling bedsheets and dress material to add on to household income. Everything was going well.
One day he comes home and announces that he has successfully purchased a new home but has taken up a loan of 15 lakhs which he was confident enough to repay.
The turning point sets. The man who seemed to face so many sufferings till now with a smile is attacked by diabetes and the sugar levels crossing 3 times the normal range. Admitted to the hospital for a month. Business off and loan to be repaid. No support from relatives.
So the wife took charge. She knew she had no option but to learn her husband’s business anyhow. She did it. Though she couldn’t master it but kept it going.
Soon the man was back to routine but he couldn’t shoulder the stress because of his fluctuating sugar levels. However his will power mentored him to work. Soon his loans were repaid and everything settled.
They shifted to new house and yes their financial status was improving.
But again some new suffering. The son wakes up at night and rushes to his parents yelling out ‘my stomach is paining’. The painkillers didnt work. The MRIs claimed that the boy requires his liver to be operated. Parents were shocked to hear this. The wife broke out. The man in his hidden tears comforted his wife and told the doctor to go ahead. The operation was successful.
Further 2 years passed and the boy was operated again for nasal discomfort. He was not able to breath. Fortunately he was relieved from this discomfort.
Can you imagine of some more sufferings?
This one comes to his wife. She had her ankle bones increasing in size. She couldn’t walk properly and even now she sometimes limps while walking. Unfortunately the problem is not solved yet.
Now its time for the last suffering which I want to mention about this brave man. He has already had a meeting with death and has come back again. He has suffered high sugar levels been to coma and with less chances of being back, has returned safely!
What more should you hear the story of this man. Inspite of all these sufferings, he is still being noted as a business tycoon.
His cool headedness and the billionaire smile which he bears always on his face never reveals about his rags to riches and the depths of his life sufferings!
What more can a feeble man like him suffer which even the strongs can’t!

A short one for you DAD❤
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A Haunting

The howls of wind ploughing the dark and conspicuous moonlight dappling like a candle. Owls hooting and vultures screaming. Shining in front was the rusty red chair stained with rotten blood. Spiders making their game for their butterfly catch and slithery bats dangling down in bundles to patch. 

Walking through the sleeky dungeon I heard an unusual growling voice. The spooks and erroneous surroundings haunting me. It was freezing cold. Trying to discover the spooky voice, I followed the sounds. My aura felt a spirit forming up on me. I turned like an excavator’s compass to navigate further. Feeling a soul footprinting me, I turned behind but nobody was there. I continued further. After a distance revolved again to scan. But no one. Aaahhhhhhh…I gave a loud grunt. The beast I saw was inexplicable. It divulged from the tattered brick wall. Looking a scavenger with blood dropping from its stitched mouth. His eyes were burrowed with a punctured nose and sleek body. Walking in waves like a drunkard and running towards me with an axe. 

It was 2:07 am and the alarm rang. Thank god it was a dream! But its not over yet. Clock circling backward? 3:10 showed my analogue. An ugly sound tickled my ears. My cat mewed out loud. Her turquoise sight was fixed on me.. but soon I realized she is gazing behind me!

Mouth getting dry, and goosebumps setting on me. I turned back to see what was there…Ehh… ehhh a single toothed witch with shaggy hair eating the meat of a live chopped head. 

The sight was terrifying. I ran towards the storeroom door and searched for keys. But wait.. what? Where is the keyhole? A door without a keyhole? How am I to open it. Scanned for a while and evidenced a burrow. I put my hand to find what was inside. Some moist matter was what I felt! Ewwwww… I removed my hand to see what I felt. I tried hard but could not remove my hand. It got stuck. Something unusual pulling me inside. Trying to retaliate I succeeded but wait. Where was my hand? It got detached from my body with the piece of flesh attached at its farthest corner. The deep red fluid bursting out from my arm and the chopped hand fluttering to survive like a half dead fish. 

The lady floating in air came towards me. The last I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 am at me before she plunged her rotted nails inside my chest and tore it apart just to see that the clock struck 12:00 am! 

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Desires- The Spark Within

‘Desires’ -The thing which never dies! The endless list of our requisites gears us only to one road that is the path of desires. People often try to shrink their desires after acquainting initial few failures and eventually give up. Once extinguished, it becomes difficult to rekindle the same desire.
Desire is a drive. It is a vision. A motive. Cling to it like a creeper and keep growing. Desire is a dream; a virtual present that architects the future tomorrow.
You will experience various phases of life;
Some may push you down your knees..
Some may knock you down with words..
Some may tear your soul with hurts..
Some may occupy your mind with thoughts..
Some may throw flames of anger at you..
Some may demagnetize the bonds you have..
Some may divulge as enemies to you..
Some may break your heart and just leave.
What will you do then? How will you dodge them? There are no two opinions to this. You have to struggle through them. But how…? You need energy, a force to be patient. A desire to get through them. A desire to walk through with a smile. A desire to fuel a new spirit to fight. A desire to achieve something. A desire to rank yourself in the list of survivors.
Get up and dream something big enough. Have a motive to live. Life is short and time is moving. Define your desires. They are like butterflies. Beautiful to look at but difficult to catch. Direct your life, direct your aspirations, be the entrepreneur. Complete and achieve your desires for a good reason. Leave your footprints on the sand of time for others to inspire. Give a spark of desire and you will see flaming up of tremendous innovations.
‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down the path.’
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A Quote Room

A mini scroll of inspiration you might wish to imbibe….

1. You want to do something, you’ve promised you will and you can.

2. Don’t waste time, instead make it the deadliest weapon of yours.

3. Dont give up so fast. You never know you were just close by.

4. Achieve so much in life that you don’t need to take examples of others.

5. Don’t have a bonding so strong with someone, that you can’t break through it.

6. Life is a match without wickets. Just step forward and hit the ball. You never know what opportunities it brings.

7. Failures- The most painful medicine that creates the strongest man.

8. Avoid what others say and think. You are you not what others want you to be.

9. Stress down if someone is not with you today. You deserve something better to come.

10. The more bitter it is today, the best of best will be the next day.

11. The farthest route will be achieved only through the sacrifices I make today.

12. Right people will surely find you one day and gift you all those opportunities which you craved for. Be patient.

Simple Yet Complicated

‘Life’ a four letter simple word with the most dilemmatic meaning! Events, circumstances, instances, success, failures, emotions, perspectives are some of the elements that keep on moulding it. Its just the frame of mind and reasoning which draws out so many conclusions about life though none of them are the ultimates.

The meaning of life is you. How you define; its upto you. We humans have pre-constructed these walls of dogmas about the meaning of life. And these dogmas only justify life to be fateful, turbulent, unjust, demanding. In fact all the negatives bundle up and ruin the optimistic approach towards life. Life is not the source and destination, its a journey.

I have had only handsome of experiences about life but whatever I had are worth portraying as the life turners.

1. Plan for your ownself before somebody else plans for you.

This I learned in my schooldays. Being the honest one, always completing my homeworks, being the polished one, and never being able to say a ‘NO’ to anyone. Mom always taught me to be honest at work. But i never understood the meaning of being honest. And often paid for my honesty. 
Undue advantage taken of me. I always surrendered to my colleagues for I had an inferiority complex. The result was I always lagged behind and they scored ranks.

2. Being left alone is not always losing the game.
Its always the beginning of a new one.

Being left alone always, I used to curse myself everytime. I belonged to the category of people who could be easily scared off with a few words. I felt as if I always lacked support. But it wasn’t true. Though my superstition went on for few years it was finally cured when I started to understand my own inner self. The strength which I possessed hidden in me! The day I learnt this I got the message from life that being alone was not always losing. Its just making you stronger.

3. Follow the syllogistic approach. It often finds you the best way out. 

Life keeps on bestowing various options. I was really a perplexed person. Didn’t know where to approach next. I always got to choose between two options and I could choose neither one. Conclusion was, I lent up with the one for which I always repented later on. Don’t make that mistake. Keep your mind calm and think times before making choices.

4. Opportunities are in abundance. Take the stance and go for the home run.

A cricket pitch where there are no bails to be blown off.. just the bowler throwing out the opportunities one after the other and the  striker hitting them like a free hit. Life is a similar game without any wickets. Even if someone tries to take you off, they can’t, until you yourself give up. 
So lets keep playing the game. What will happen if you miss first ball? Wait for the second one. What if you miss second? Wait for third..just keep your focus. You still miss the third, fourth and fifth. But now you have completely understood the game.
The bowler bowls the sixth one. You take your stance.. you go ahead and hit and guess what its a boundary. 
Whatever you had lost uptil now you will recover in that one single shot. Even here you shouldn’t stop… play on, hit long and enjoy the journey of life.

‘Miles to travel. So travel like a vagabond. Be free be independent because you have nothing to lose but only to gain!’

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


The Millions In One

Pressures, struggles, confusions, heartbreaks, remorse and what not can be added to this simple looking complex life dictionary. Some or the other day you may face critical issues. Some may break you. Some may spite you. Some may make you feel a piece of trash having no value. Some may ruin your confidence altogether. Blood, toil, tears and sweat is all that the universe offers. These predators are often bent upon savaging our lives, ravaging it to the core creating such havocs which paralyzes the mind and disintegrates the spirits of our soul making it difficult for them to rise again.

The path will be weird and there will be crosswalks. You might loose on everything which once you were famed to possess. They carried a worth which for you were billions. Cry a little for the billions you lost, die a little for the heart you tossed, crave a little for all that has cost.

But not all storms come to disrupt your life. There are some which come to clear your path. There are others which showcase your goals. You may not often realize how strong you become after experiencing these whirlpools and typhoons. They rejuvenate a new energy. An energy which only these catastrophes can build into you.

Get up, walk again, fall again, thrive again. A person who never failed has never tried anything new. Make hay for this opportunity. Dont drain your warm energy to foster those ends which will never meet. Give it up and move on. Relax, calm, focus and be patient towards the achievements you wish to claim. The grandeur you wait for is sure to be for the ones who strive. Be logical at times. Take a dip to the Renaissance era. Remember the greatest inventions were based on failures and greatest ones had life grounded with rejections. Find something new in you. A talent which only you possess. Dive into the things you love to do. Its sure to create a wonder which is just a trick you played but seems a magic to others.

Learn from the experiences, it is the grandmaster of everything!

Where no obstacles can limit the water flow,

Where no tree can obstruct the winds to blow,
Where no failure can stop a desire to develop,
Where no word can destroy a soul.
Where no person can stir your aims,
Where nobody can break your heart,
And where no gain can be made without a pain.

This is our fight song, make it your life song so that one day people revere you as the “Man who was made of a million sufferings.”

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A Chronicle Delight

The lips parting to chant the psalms and tongue caroling the divine melodies, the beatific gush of air transformed my petite steps into strides. The skies baptized in the holy waters and serenity of winds ascending the spirituality of my soul. I could envision the carving of the seraphic smile on his marbled face. A smile which could rejuvenate the pains of millions. My heart creating constant wavelengths with accelerating frequencies of ecstasy.

The doors of his castle were open wide
I walked through his chambers to find the hidden guides
The treasures of mythologies I wanted to unveil
For they had the magics difficult to create
Standing there towering with grandeur
He was the one who called me to adore
I chanted him some rhymes
It gave me good vibes
I continued to look in his eyes
Till they tried to meet mine
He asked me to trust
Until the gold rusts
The mirage I felt
It took away my breath
He was breathing in air and calling my name
“Son”, he said lets play a game

He passed through a wall and vanished himself.
I called out to him ‘Where are you gone’?
He echoed at me ‘Find me if you can
I searched hard but could not
For he was the master of disguise
Running haphazard I fumbled over a stone
Hitting the ground I thought on my own
My parents did say that he resides in everyones soul
Than why don’t you find in the the ones you own
The clue I got I tried to solve
Why shouldn’t he dwell in my parents soul?
Lets search for my parents instead of him
For he was hiding within the theme
Acknowledging my thought he appeared again
Asked me for a wish for I had won his game
I asked him to parcel me some happiness
For I wished to carry them back to my parents
He smiled back and gave me a box
I took it home and found a key

Perplexed to see such a gift!
What I asked I never received
I threw the key out of the window for it was of no use to me;
There where my parents were struggling to unbox
Found the key to unlock the box
Struggling since morning to find the key of comfort
Maybe this time they would succeed their effort

What could be so important
It went on to make me impatient
Ran down to watch for them
Found that these were the memories they had treasured

One heart conjoined to other
Yes they were the my parents connected together
And there was a third heart in centre with a memoir of my childhood
This was what they had wrapped for me
The box that had the pendent for me
And this was the thing that brought grace to me.

His key of happiness was difficult to understand
I had no knowledge to comprehend
The games he plays
The puzzles he creates
The difficult times he gives
The lessons he teaches,
All starts with what everytime pinches
And ends with what everytime amuses

I don’t know who am I to him.
I don’t know what I mean to him.
All I know is whenever I think of him, all my love goes to him.


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The Life Catalysts

You always have a ‘KEY SOMEONE’ who plays the role of the mentor in your life. These are the ones who have left their footprints on the sands of time for you to follow. Perhaps a 1 in 100 will be sufficient to say; who has nobody to follow. The gales of our life seems easy to sail through when we see the life of our mentors who have struggled the same way. These great stories guides us to escape the labyrinth of life. Even I have compiled a Gospel of such stories from..
My Patient Dad, Nimesh:

1. Patience is the best antidote for all problems.

2. Innovation can give life to a dead business. Its the toughest thing which requires the least efforts.

3. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

My Tough Sister, Nikita:

4. Striving is a diffuser. It can diffuse the deadliest misfortunes.

5. Failing at times is not a downfall. Its an opportunity to build things stronger than before.

6. Hurdles are the steps of ladder. Leap over them and you will find people looking up at you.

My Genius Brother, Nilay:

7. The right choice is not what you choose to do. Right choice is the one which you love to do.

8. Talent is the thing which your mind owns. Nurture it well and it will create wonders for you.

9. Work hard yet be smart. Only workaholism never works to derive the best of your life.

My Philomath Sister, Nirali:

10. Keep learning from people and experiences. Doesn’t matter if its not a part of your syllabus.

11. The stream cuts the rock not because of its strength but its persistence.

My Angel Sister, Nishka:

12. Love to do things unconditionally. Inferiority and superiority is just a game of mind.

13. Possess the brain of an infant while playing a game. You will enjoy the most.

14. Laugh at your mistakes but always learn from them.

15. Have the courage to do new things which you have never tried before. You never know how it may surprise you.

These ones with ‘Ni’ have always made my life path seem easier to promenade. Still have a lot of things to imbibe! I consider them my role models. Imitating these epitomes and following their principles is an exceptional task.

‘Today will be my efforts to perfect myself like them; tomorrow will be somebody else’s efforts to perfect themselves like me.’

These were just a handsome of lines which I have penned down. Anticipating that the quotes serve as a source of motivation for you’ll.

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A Painter’s Euphony

Leap to your studios and pick up your frames
Fix up your canvas and turn on your passions

Place the easel and chalk the design
Hold the spatula and prepare the palette

Toggle the angles and dip in your brushes
Glide on the crayons and stain with the paints

Blend the violets and merge the aquas
Shade the magentas and fade the jades

Count the lines and merge the circles
Form the triangles and converge the rectangles

Blend the hots and mix the colds
Highlight the vibrants and blemish the dulls

Use the pencils and sketch with charcoal
Perfect the strokes and caress the smudge

Apply the stripper and varnish the faults
Pour the grouts and fill the crevice

Spray the glitters and polish the edges
Finalize the masterpiece and emboss your sign

Create the imagination and perfect your resolutions
Bring them on board and wait for them to be sold

Michelangelo’s Moses and Leonardo’s Monalisa
Awaken your artist and paint Raphael’s Madonna

Have the precision and burn the passion
To become the great and earn the fame!

“A picture is a poem without words and creativity needs courage to understand this.”

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Why Always….??

I paused to gaze as the clock struck 12. The cool breeze carried in them the faint jingles of the church bells. Minutes counting the seconds and my heart suffering from euphoria. I was ardently waiting in the veranda to have a glimpse of my angel. The avid eyes fixed on the colossal room.

The dark mystical sky adorned with the twinkles of golden bars and the moon setting the spotlight for the beauty to divulge. Everything set for the girl to ravish the night.

The midnight shadow lengthened. Her innocent almond eyes scanned the room with determination in search of someone when her eyes met mine, she smiled. The serenity of the air was creating a magic. Winds moaning and cutting the emerald ivy which wrapped the pillars of her room.

A face that harboured thousands of emotions and hundreds of gestures had just a fine lining of blush. Her brows having a simple delight. The gorgeous robes mentioning her divine presence. Every outfit loved to embrace her body, as she made it look more beautiful. So was her charm.

The tender fingers holding the white velvet gown, her heels steadily edged its way towards me. The clicking of her footwear typed out notes of musical rhythm. Her mesmerizing eyes were the window to her soul. Only a yard away from me but I could sensitize her heart palpitating like a muffled drum.

The Cupid had played his mischief of shooting the love darts. Zeus roaring his thunder’s symphony, she leapt in my arms. The wisdom of Athena and beautiful incarnate of Aphrodite. Her life wasn’t a fairytale but she was surely a Princess of mine.

Few drops of pristine water rolling down her cheek was all she could convey. My ears feeling the chills of her cold breath and her semi-blonde tassels cascading over my shoulders. Her feet raised and her arms curled up around my neck. Her soft crepe-pink lips parted to call my name. The burning passion in her eyes asking me to take her away, just far away.

Bending down my knees, holding her hand, I ventured on to say the three words that would make her mine forever. But my words fumbled and my speech reluctant to address her. The ring in my hand yet the courage suppressed. The last chance I had to make her the diamond of my life. I spoke up, but what will she reply? Horses galloping and butterflies fluttering. The lightning flashing and rains pouring. Moon was silent and stars hiding themselves behind the white cushions. The beetles had stopped their play and fireflies entangling around us just to hear what she would say.

‘Never does a gladiator fight so eagerly to win the war as much as me fighting to conquer her heart.’

Sorry but I can’t complete the Homer’s Iliad for the reply from this dreamgirl is pending. I must say, ‘These fairies approach in our dreams but always fades away before we try to win’. And these dreams are often spoilt by a mug of cold water splashed on your face or a loud scream from our parents to wake up for the day.

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My Cricket Team

Cricket is my life game. The pitch is what I pray. On this pitch I have gone through my best and the worst. Stress, pressure, fun, anxiety, winnings, failures everything this pitch has given me. Success tastes sweet when you win but bitter when you lose. The audience leaves, the lights go off, the title of the ‘Man of the match is stripped down, the shinning trophy goes to the opposition and what not. But one thing remains constant. That is what I call my cricket team. Ups and downs don’t ever shake their confidence in me. They always be with me. Each one possess a different taste from the other but that is what is required to prepare my life dish. Lets meet these players..

1. The All Rounder
My Taurus. This ‘OCEAN’ can storm out all the oppositions in a go. The one who’ll never let me fumble on this life pitch. The longest partnership I had with. If you dare to sweep me off be ready to face your worst times.

2. The Mentor
The Coach is on the way. Be ready and keep shut. If you speak out of order you’ll be fired with a reply. A coconut who is tough from outside but sweetest inside. Quarreling with me is a job yet you are the ‘FAVOURITE’ one for me.

3. The Adventurist
The lucky 9s. You call me boring I call you confused. The intelligent and artistic one. Probably the only one whom I call with 5 ‘A’s. Never saying never for anything. This ‘CHOCO PIE’ always quarrels with me, yet never going to let you go home alone!

4. The Sparkle
We share the special ‘U’. My most loved companion. The thrilling night walks and the perfect candids. Short time spent yet consider you my special one. Only one thing to convey ‘Please stay here..don’t force me to bid you farewell.’

5. The Crazy one
The one born with a ‘DYNAMIC’ personality. None of my secrets have remained hidden from you. The 5g connectivity and the filming of movies always on the go. Unfortunate this one suffers from Euphoria because of BTS music band.

6. The Intellectual
I am his golden friend. The ‘GUITAR’ artist. Born with a logical and talented mind, this brainy introvert seeks happiness in being alone.

7. The Perfectionist
The perfect one so entitled by me. The sugary nature makes the audience love this person. Sweet as a ‘CRACKLE’ but never try to instinct, for the crackle can tackle and blast like a cracker.

8. The Comedian
The Heath Ledger of my team. Always ready to create ‘HUMOR’ in any situation. But when time comes never agitates to make fun of his ownself.

9. The Poet
In the process of becoming a renowned Shaayar who firmly believes that nobody is off duty on ‘SUNDAYS’.

10. The Nocturnal one
‘NIGHT TALKS’ is a usual duty when we are together. Gossiping with this one is quite an easy task. Though short tempered yet sweet.

11. The 1-10 one
Yes thats me. The last one. So thats all about my cricket team.

My message was not introducing to my team. It was about friendship. Friends are the ones who add flavors to your life. What will you choose if given a choice between a plain strawberry or Vanilla with peanut butter cookie swirl and Oreos dipped in Nutella and fivestar toppings? I leave it upto you!

Yes there have been conflicts amongst us too but without quarrels there cannot be strong bondings.

I take pride in saying that this is MY cricket team. I deny to auction them for any price. These are the pearls I possess.

‘The captain himself is nothing without his team and so am I nothing without you’ll.’

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A Goodnight Tweet

I embarked on to write thesis for you but I feel I’ll end in lines.
I am unable to unearth the shining treasures of write-ups for you for the writer within me is too slothful to ruminate. But don’t wince at it for I am sure to accord you something unimaginable.

My blissful Capricorn is voyaging towards the new life journey. The golden age is before you not behind you. For me, sweetheart you can never be old! For as you were, when your first eye I eyed such seems your beauty still.

Few nights and you will leave me. Oh..the thought of rifting away darts my heart with venom of remorse.

These mutinous nights of life always put bars between the owners and their rights. But lets leap over them and explore each second of felicity.

I feel I am draining you out in such beautiful darkness with what am writing. So lets cheer you up with the original ‘ME’:

Walk the shores to listen the shells..voices will echo and sounds will dwell..

Feel the breeze tapping your cheeks..listen to the melodies the seas want to sing..

Dance on the rhythm & follow the to the tortoise to acknowledge his tales..

Trod the sands to mark your prints..enjoy the sunset painting the welkins..

Walk the night sky glittering the stars..make a wish from the shooting bars..

Turn down your fears about your nears..and wait until your prince propose you with chocolate smears!!

Okay so this is all what I could think of.
You know my naughty mind is lacking an epithet good enough to ornament your name, for the permutations of alphabets are too scanty to chronicle you in words. But I can assure you one thing this night..

The sun may forget to rise
Heavens may forget to smile
Clouds may forget to burst
Seeds may forget to reap
Rains may forget to fall
Weather may forget to change
King may forget to keep his word
But am not going to forget you so soon this night!

Concluding myself with the last of lines. I don’t wish to end but I will have to. Here you go:

From the ancient dusty bags of ores
May you steal coins of gold..

Till you succeed the hards of life
& become the Master of your life..

Don’t undervalue the power of hardworks
Because the brainys don’t even complete their homeworks..

Sink the dreams to the crust of your heart
And you’ll find me walking with you ramparts..

Let me make your day too soon today
Because its my loved ones day today!

Sorry but I can’t stop adding more flavors to my work

Sailing the waves… striking the torpedoes…
Sink in the bottom of the ocean to have a meet with mermaids…
The shoal blowing the trumpets and seahorses singing the chores…
Forget yourself in the gales of memories…
Wait for the swam to sing u melodies…
Until the person you like pays you a visit and tracks your heart in the mystery of his tyrannies!!

And wait wait the final goodnight tweet is remaining..

Demons and devils beware
The beauty you try to conquer is aware

The angels are soaring with bows and arrows
So dare not to spy at her with Cupid’s sparrows

Capture not her heart
For its locked in my arts

Don’t encroach the path, you may not find
For the path I create, is undefined

Dreaming of the lady luck I go to sleep
So shall you troll to bed to paint out your dreams!

So let this night be conquered by immortal angels and convey you the beauties of this mortal world to whirl your dreams with unaquirable pleasures and make your soul radiate with the bliss of the heavens!

And I wish the smile which might be there on your face light up more than the fire of any firefly.
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Can’t Say More!

I felt a thump in my heart in the midst of a smoky dawn. The winds cutting the verdant lawns and giving a knock on my doors. I, struggling with my blanket opened my dreary eyes. Sauntering to the rusty grills, opened the small doors. A light shining brighter than any ‘Pole Star’ urged me outside. Traversing the junction I reached the spot of shining light. As I neared I saw a figure shimmering in white having long curls sliding down her shoulder. I could sensitize something.

Something very common, very natural, very heart felt the presence of my mother! She turned towards me. I saw the face which every child wishes to see in the morning. The face that brings a smile and the touch of love in our life.

The person without whom I can’t live a second, without whom I can’t gulp down a morsel , without whom I am just a mould of stone and nothing more than that.

She is the one who sings me to sleep,
She is the one who sleeps empty stomach but feeds me,
She is the one who thrashes her own life to make up mine,
She is the one who carried me for months and suffered agonies yet never complained,
She is the one who never grumbles but always finds time for me,
She is the one who scolds me but,
She is the only one who purely loves me,
It is only her who pacifies me and says she is fine even though she cries times because of her hectic life,
Its only and only her who could have loved me ‘Unconditionally’!

She is the one who bares those hardships which life offers and is always the one to protect me from such offers which are not hers!

When abroad relatives asks what did you have for dinner..but only my mom asks did you have dinner today?
Friends say you take care.. only my mom says I will take care of you.
People say make your name one day.. only my mom says you are my name everyday.

I consider myself lucky to have her right here standing in front of me, smiling, hugging and kissing me! I am unable to think what to write. Indeed the events and words are too shallow to express my deep love for her. Yes but there’s something which I want to say….

Dedicated to all mothers:

You are the rose that garnish our life..

You are the smell that nourish our health..

You are the stalk that support our future..

You are the beauty that define our character..

You are the seeds that sow our career..

You are the fruit that we’ll reap in future..

You are the petals which adorn our emotions..

To are the name which is our sobriquet!

Why do we keep forgetting the rough hands and the wrinkling face? After years of topsy-turvy life is that all what should be gifted to her? Why can’t we express our love when we actually mean the love?Why do we always make her the bank to deposit all our hurts and worries?

Lets make a change today. Lets give her some love today. Lets invest some time with her today.
“She is not expecting for oceans but atleast give her a glass of water!”
For my special one- Deepa Shah

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